Review: Praktica 15-45×60 Angled Waterproof Spotting Scope

Review: Praktica 15-45x60 Angled Waterproof Spotting Scope

I have to admit to having a personal history and liking for Praktica’s optics that go back a few years. I find them – for the money – to be extremely good value. So when my commission vouchers came through from Amazon and i needed a new spotting scope this was my choice.

The Praktica 15-45×60 scope comes with a range of features:



    • 15-45x Zoom telescope
    • 60mm Objective lens
    • 42 – 21m Field of view
    • 2.5 º-1.2 º Angle of view
    • 9m minimum focusing distance
    • 16 -1.69 Relative brightness
    • Waterproof

Supplied with:

  • Protective carrying case
  • Protective lens caps
  • Lintless cleaning cloth

I found the scope to be light enough not to cause too much of a problem when hiking around to get to my favourite birdwatching and wildlife locations. i carried the scope in my day-pack rather than using it’s own case straps. As most of my local best wildlife watching tends to involve hikes up hills I have a habit of packing everything I can into the one backpack for ease of walking. At less than a kilo in weight the scope did not cause me too many problems when added to my other equipment.

The scope was easy to use. I used my camera tri-pod for the platform as the scope has a pretty much standard size bush. One of the things I need to do in the future is to find out if there is an adaptor for the scope to allow me to use my camera with it. The scope has good light collection properties that deliver a clear image across much of it’s zoom range. For me a 15 – 45 zoom is more than ample for my birdwatching. The zoom also has a reasonably close minimum focus range – the documentation says 9 metres and I’d pretty much agree with that being a realistic close focus range. At this time of year I’m restricted to birdwatching on my trips out but I’d be interested to see how this scope copes with getting close up views of dragonflies at my favourite farmers pond once we head into spring. My current binoculars do a good job at letting me watch these beautiful insects and hopefully the scope will match the views of them hovering.

Praktica are not the Rolls Royce of the optics world – they are an excellent quality value range – and so there are some little problems with the scope. Nothing too major though. Probably the biggest negative when in use is that the focusing ring is not as smooth as some of the high cost spotting scopes. This means you need to take a little bit of care when focusing that you don’t lose your target. Whether the focus mechanism will loosen up a little with wear will be known in time. Another minor details is that if i was to use the case on a regular basis for carrying I would probably look at buying a more comfortable strap. The negatives for this scope are very minor in nature and can seem a little petty when you look at the price of the scope.

The build quality seems to be reasonably strong. The scope is rubber armoured which should deal with most knocks and bumps. I’ve personally never had any problems with lens loosening or movements in any of my previous Praktica optics. Prakitca do tend to build optics to last and this is backed up by their 10 year manufacturers warranty. The feel of the scope gives me confidence that they will be able to withstand most of the everyday accidents that they could come across in their use.

I haven’t yet used the scope in rainy conditions but i have no doubt that the waterproofing is enough for most reasonable downpours. I have used the scope at a local wetland early in the morning where there was misty conditions and the scope delivered clear and crisp pictures thanks to the nitrogen gas filling.

I really would have not hesitation in recommending this scope to anyone who is looking for a lightweight portable and affordable spotting scope for their birdwatching or wildlife viewing.

Buy Praktica 15-45×60 Angled Waterproof Spotting Scope with Case from Amazon for £92.74 (price at time of publication of review).

Praktica 15-45×60 Angled Waterproof Spotting Scope with Case

Reviewed by Kevin Heath on February 22nd 2011.
Another great value optic from the Praktica range
A great value entry level portable and waterproof spotting scope that delivers crisp and clear pictures..
Rating: 4.5
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