Something a little different and special for the birds.

Gardens are now much more than just a piece of grass and a few plants. For many people it’s just as important for their garden to reflect their personality as it is for any room within the home. There is now a whole range of designer and unusual bird feeders available for you to display in your garden and feed the birds.

Some of these designer bird tables or stylish bird feeders are pretty functional and look much better than your normal red net bag of peanuts or the cheap plastic green and mesh bird seed holders. some are more functional than other but I think I’ve chosen the most practical bird feeders.

Prices can range from just a few pounds more than a conventional bird feeder to some that are pretty expensive  but look stunning.  I’ve put the prices against each of the bird tables and feeders here but you will need to click through to the store to find the latest prices of the products.

These are my top 10 designer bird feeders and table:

eva solo designer bird feeder1. Eva Solo hanging bird feeder.
This is a lovely looking blown glass bird feeder that has a couple of entry holes. The holes are small enough to restrict access to the bird feed to only the small song birds.  The glass sphere is easy to refill and is dishwasher safe. It comes complete with a hanging string made from silicon and will look great hanging from a feeding station or branch of a tree. Hand blown glass is not cheap but it’s not the most expensive bird feeder on this list. 
Price: £33.50 Buy Now

eva solo designer bird table2. Eva Solo bird table.
There are a couple of Eva Solo designer bird tables but this is definitely the most functional. I also think it’s the best looking of the Eva Solo designer bird tables.  The overlapping glass bowl above the feeder helps to restrict access to the seed and also provide a certain degree of weather protection. The bowl holds a good quantity of seed. This unusual bird table sits on top of a stainless steel pole which stakes into the ground. 
Price: £81.50  Buy Now.

hanging basket bird feeder3. Hanging basket bird seed.
This luxury wicker basket bird feeder will look great hanging in any country cottage style garden and it comes packed with bird food too. The basket has 6 separate compartments so you can keep the different types of bird seed or other food apart.  This unusual wild bird feeder is just perfect for when you want to have a more traditional feel to your garden.
Price: £17.99  Buy Now.

anidar bird table4. Anidar bird table.
Stylish and ultra modern looks will put this at home in any city garden or courtyard. The strong curves of the stainless steel body offers a designer touch to your garden bird feeding. The bird table can be either hung or staked into the ground with the wooden pole that comes with the table.  this table really does have a bold and striking look ideal for the urban garden.
Price: £50.00  Buy Now.

ingarden hanging bird feeder5. Ingarden hanging bird table.
The Ingarden range offers some great looking and function bird tables and feeders. This hanging bird feeder has a handy roof which helps provide some weather protection but also helps to keep the larger birds off the table. hooks at the corners also allow you to hang fat balls or light weight feeders of the table itself.  The table is a slim easy to refill bird feeder. It has a good lip all around the table which helps to stop the seed from falling off or blowing away.
Price: £99.00  Buy Now.

ingarden bird table6. Ingarden bird table.
A very well built and stylish bird table made from wood and metal. It’s nice clean sharp lines combines traditional materials with modern style.  It has a good deep bowl as a table which helps to keep the food and the bird seed on the table. A couple of handy perches allows your garden birds to sit at a height and explore the surroundings before going down to the table to feed.
Price: £170.00  Buy Now.

ingarden modern bird feeder7. Ingarden modern bird feeder
This stylish modern bird feeder offers a unique addition to your garden. It’s bold globe shape and colour will definitely make a statement.  The bird feeder offers a small gap for the birds to feed from which helps to keep away the larger birds. The wild bird seeds are also well protected from the elements. 
Price: £39.00  Buy Now

decorative bird feeder8. Feeder display.
This is a nice stylish bird feeder that has a water bath and 2 mesh tables for bird seed. It’s made from powder coated steel and has a base suitable for planting. It’s a little different to the hanging feeder stations that you normally see and  is a nice feature piece for patios or courtyards.
Price: £14.99  Buy Now.

eva solo designer bird feeder9. Eva Solo large bird table
The Eva Solo large bird table will make an impressive statement in your garden. It’s large glass bowl provides 5 litres of seed holding capacity. The bowl provides a degree of protection against the weather for the food.  The bowl and table rests on a stainless steel pole that stakes into the ground. 
Price: £125.00 Buy Now.

chapelwood designer bird feeder10. Chapelwood flight hanging bird table
This simple bold style is also eye-catching. The flight designer bird table aims to represent the wings of garden birds. Smooth gentle curves offer protection against the weather. The roof of the bird table also helps to limit access to the food so only the smaller songbirds can get in.  Simple but chic is probably the best way to describe this bird feeder. 
Price: £19.00 Buy Now

Feeding garden birds is now so popular that the days of a few bits of wood stuck together or some red netting being sufficient are long gone. There’s a great range of really functional wildlife and wild bird accessories for your garden.  I’m sure there’as something now available for all tastes and style.

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