Stop poaching : Night Vision Appeal

Taking on poachers to stop poaching is not an easy task. Whether you want to stop elephant poaching or  stop rhino poaching it’s now a high-tech battle.

In order to help rangers out in the field stop poaching we have just launched our Night Vision appeal. The appeal aims to buy 10 night vision and recorders that are used by wildlife patrols in their actions to tackle the poachers who aim to kill some of our most loved wildlife.

Help law enforcement stop poaching.

Our fundraising appeal to tackle poachers aims to raise £6000.00. This will buy 10 night-vision kits that will help wildlife rangers mount anti poaching operations at night and record evidence.

Each nigh vision kit will cost around £600.00 and will include everything to make the kit a valuable resource for wildlife law enforcement operations and to stop poaching of wildlife. We’ll only be providing the best brand name equipment to make sure that it will operate under some pretty tough conditions and have a long-lasting life.

What’s in an anti poaching night-vision kit.

Each  anti poaching night vision kit consist up of:

  • 1 x Yukon Ranger 5×42 MPR video kit to allow night-time operations  be recorded and used in court.
  • 12 x AAA rechargeable batteries to power the unit.
  • 2 x solar-powered battery re-chargers – for recharging the batteries out in the field.
  • 2  x professional high-speed 32GB SD cards.
  • 1 x backpack.

Help raise funds to tackle poachers.

If you’d like to help us raise funds to buy these kits to help in the fight against poachers  then please donate today. The only admin and fee charges that will be taken from your donation is the Paypal fee so you can be sure that  your donation goes into buying the equipment and the fight against poaching.

Please be aware that if you opt to display your donation then it could take a few days for it to appear in the list. This is because we use a cache plugin to display pages to reduce the load on our server. The cache can take up to seven days to be replaced with an updated version.

Poaching can have a big impact on the survival of some of our most impressive animals such as gorillas, elephants, rhino and tigers. Not matter how much or little you give every donation can help protect an animal against poaching.

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