Book Review: Kalahari Dream

kalahari dreamThe Kalahari Dream by Beverley Pervan and Chris Mercer comes in a variety of formats – both electronic and paper – so there’s plenty of ways to read this thoroughly entertaining book.

The version of the book I was given to review was an ePub version so I could load it up on my android phone and read it with Aldiko. Unfortunately my smartphone at the moment runs Android 2.2 so the enclosed videos in the book would not play directly (android 2.2 does not support flash). However I tested the book on my Android 2.3 tablet and the videos played directly within the ebook reader if connected to the web.

The book describes the lives of the authors during their time setting up and running an animal reserve – the Kalahari Raptor Centre – in the Kalahari Desert, South Africa. From the first few pages of their journey to what would eventually become their home the book describes the exploits and antic of themselves and the animals that soon came to live at the sanctuary.

The book is written in an easy to read way and it provided welcome relief during some otherwise werrisome times. One of the best things of keeping books on the phone is that they are handy to read at anytime. So I found myself reading about night walks in the Kalahari Desert with its views of the Milky Way as I stood in the queue at the local Post Office.

The book, for me, reflected the splendour of the Kalahari without being too flowery in description. It was succinct but still contained the detail needed to feel part of the scene being described.

While there is the obvious delight of seeing new animals arrive at the sanctuary – both through gifts and wild animals turning up for an easy meal – the book also describes the frustration of having to deal with officialdom. Wherever you go in the world you come up against bureaucracy and in the South African bush it’s no different.

While I found the book a little judgemental at times – I’m not a vegetarian nor anti-hunting so an obviously clash of philosophy  – it was inspirational and uplifting. It shows what can be achieved when you are committed to projects that are close to your heart.  As a plus many of the stories were carried with humour which made it so readable.

One of the things I love about this type of biography or life experience book is the opportunity to learn new things from other people’s experiences. This book does not disappoint. Without giving too much away for future readers,  you learn about the dangers to livestock in the now profitable trading in wildlife for game reserves. As wildlife stock is transferred from one region to another so diseases and parasites are moved around and can infect local farmers livestock.

For me the Kalahari Dream is a modern-day adventure story that will keep you enthralled and entertain. Well worth buying.

You can buy your prefered version of the book through the web site Kalahari Dream.


Kalahari Dream

A modern-day adventure that will keep you entertained and enthralled.

Kalahari Dream describes the adventures and experiences of a couple who decided to open up an animal sanctuary – The Kalahari Raptor Centre – in South Africa. Filled with humour and uplifting experiences the book covers some of the antics of not just the authors but also the animals and birds at the centre. A book that is well worth a read.

Rating by Kevin Heath: 4.5 stars


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