Next week at Westminster.

westminsterThe diary below lists the debates and meetings in Westminster nest week – week beginning 23rd April 2012 – in relation to environment and wildlife.

The big debate I guess will be on Tuesday in the Main Chamber where there is a general debate on the National Planning Policy framework. It will be interesting to hear why the government chickened out of their proposals to make home building easier and quicker for the next generation. The sooner the next general election comes so we can vote out these bunch of wimps the better.

I’m currently reading through the manifestos of all the parties and Wildlife News will be announcing which political party we think is best for young people to vote for if they want a better balance between environment and development rather than the current one we have that will deny the under 35’s any access to affordable homes. One thing for certain is that the party we suggest people to vote for in the May elections will not be any of the three major parties who are more concerned with lining the pockets of bankers by forcing young people into ever higher levels of debt by reducing housing supply to boost house prices.

It really is unbelievable that in the middle of a recession – and most normal people are still in recession with reducing incomes and job insecurity – that house prices have again hit record levels. We really do need a government with a bit of guts to take on the NIMBY’s and start building the 400,000 homes a year that desperately needs to be built to clear the housing shortage that is infesting Britain and destroying the hopes and dreams of an entire generation.

Environment in Parliament for week beginning 23rd April 2012.

House of Commons.

Monday 23rd April.

14.20 @ Main Chamber. Presentation of Bill. Housing (Selective Licensing of Social Housing) – Graham Jones.
Adjournment. Installation of smart meters – John Healey.

Tuesday 24th April.

14.30 @ Main Chamber. Debate. General debate on the National Planning Policy framework.

10.15 @ Committee Room 17, Palace of Westminster. Energy and Climate Change Select Committee. Subject: The impact of potential Scottish independence on energy and climate change.

10.30 @ Committee Room 5, Palace of Westminster. International Development Select Committee. Subject: Tax in developing countries: Increasing resources for development.

Wednesday 25th April.

09.15 @ The Thatcher Room, Portcullis House. Science and Technology Select Committee. Subject: Bridging the Valley of Death.

Thursday 26th April.

10.00 @ The Wilson Room, Portcullis House. Political and Constitutional Reform Select Committee. Subject: Introducing a statutory register of lobbyists.

Friday 27th April.

Legislation. Department for Environment, Food and Rural Affairs (Relocation to Bristol) Bill – Second reading – John Mann.
Legislation. Illegally Logged Timber (Prohibition of Import, Sale or Distribution) Bill – Second reading – Caroline Lucas.
Legislation. Planning Applications (Appeals by Town and Parish Councils) Bill – Second reading – Mr Gareth Thomas. 
Legislation. Energy Generation (Planning and Right to Invest) Bill – Second reading – Mr Gareth Thomas.


House of Lords.

Monday 23rd April.

14.30 @ Main Chamber. Enabling Eurostar to resume regular services between Brussels and Lille – Lord Berkeley.

Wednesday 25th April.

15.00 @ Main Chamber. Applying lessons learned from the privatisation of British Rail to any plans for increased private investment in the UK’s motorway and trunk road network. – Lord Kennedy of Southwark.

As always you can watch or listen to the debates atParliament TV.

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