David Cameron declares war on the young

The coalition will on Monday declare open war on the young by forcing the under 25’s onto the street to live. In a speech the Prime Minister will declare open hostility against the under 25’s and blame them for being the cause of £1.8 billion a year of expenses on housing benefit.

There will be no mention of the failed housing policy of the coalition government that has led to even lower levels of house building than was achieved under the Labour government. There will be no mention that the reason for the soaring housing benefits bill is because we are not building enough homes to keep rents and house prices down to affordable levels. There will be no mention of the failed economic policies that is leading to an entire generation living without hope, without employment and pretty soon without anywhere to live except for the streets.

Mr Cameron is keen to point out how we need to become much more like the Asian and South American economies and he is doing everything he possibly can to bring the shanty towns and homeless youth to the street of British towns. 

His speech on Monday when he is expected to reveal plans to remove rights to housing benefit to the under 25’s has to be taken as nothing more than a declaration of war against the young people of Britain. We have to remember that by far the greatest amount of housing benefit goes to people who are working. It is an essential bit of income for people on low wages – and most young people are on low wages – to meet the spiralling cost of keeping a roof over their heads.

What this country needs to do is to re-ignite the fire of aspirations of our young people to give them hopes and dreams of home ownership by making homes affordable and that can only be done by building 300,000 a year for the next decade or more. We have to remember we have a housing shortage of at least 1.5 million in this country thanks to the failed housing policy of both Labour and the coalition governments – and that number is growing by about 150,000 houses a year.

Vince Cable recently said that we need to be building homes on a scale that got us out of the 1930’s depression when house building went up from 100,000 to 300,000 a year and the sooner this is done the better. Building 300,000 homes a year will provide essential jobs and training, it will slowly start to bring down housing costs – and this will bring down the housing benefits bill – but even at 300,000 new homes a year it will still take between 10 and 15 years to bring housing need and supply in a more balanced position.

Mr Cameron declaring war on hard-working young people will do nothing to solve the problem except make more money available to make tax cuts to his friends and to give bankers another boost to their bonuses.

I’ve said in previous blogs on this site that the baby-boomers will not give anything to their children or grand-children without a fight and this move by the prime minister shows just how low some people are willing to go to give themselves a tax cut and to protect the value of their properties.

They don’t care that young people are going to be forced onto the streets or into prostitution or crime to put a roof over their heads. This move by the Prime Minister really does show the nastiness that some people have and the very worse side of humanity.

As I’ve said previously the baby-bloomers will give nothing up without a fight (and I’m 50 and one of them) but one thing is for certain. If I ever get called to be on a jury to oversee a case of a young person rioting they can be confident that no matter what the evidence I will find them not guilty on political grounds.

Mr Cameron you should be ashamed of yourself, you nasty pathetic little man,  but you will not be because you’re a millionaire and don’t give a damn about anyone except yourself and your champagne drinking buddies.

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