Indian wildlife rangers to be paid reward for every poacher they shoot

Raj Thackeray

Raj Thackery has announced a cash reward to any wildlife ranger who shoots a poacher

We previously reported on wildlife rangers in Maharashtra State in India being offered protection from legal action if they take preventative shooting of poachers in order to protect tigers. Now  a leading politician of the State has upped the stakes again and is offering a bonus to any ranger who shoots poachers.

Maharashtra Navnirman Sena (MNS) – the fourth largest part in the State assembly –  chief Raj Thackeray has offered to pay rangers  a reward of Rs.500,000 (just under £6,000) if they shoot a poacher found killing tigers in the forests of Vidarbha region in eastern Maharashtra. [pullquote]On behalf of MNS, I will present an award of Rs.500,000 to any official who shoots a genuine poacher found killing tigers in this region. [/pullquote]

The reward was announced last Friday as the party chief ended a two-day fact-finding mission of the current state of poaching in the forests of Vidarbha.

Thackeray also took the opportunity to announce that he would also provide a reward of Rs200,000 (about £2,300) to any villager that provided useful information about tiger poaching in the area.

The offer was stated  as “On behalf of MNS, I will present an award of Rs.500,000 to any official who shoots a genuine poacher found killing tigers in this region. Plus, I will give another Rs.200,000 to any villager, tribal or forest dweller who provides accurate information on poachers.

Raj Thackery set up the breakaway Maharashtra Navnirman Sena political party in March 2006 after he left his uncles political party the Shiv Sena. 

The party currently has 13 seats in the 288 seat assembly making it the 4th largest party.   At the last elections in 2008 it came second in 24 other seats.

The party is considered to be both nationalistic and secular in outlook and policies.

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Wikipedia: Raj Thackery.

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    • Like is an understatement. I LOVE it! The possibilities are becoming clearer for my later-in-life profession! ;>)

  1. deeply impressed.
    the only indian politician with balls to say so – the rest of the politicians are more bothered about sticking to their posts at any cost rather than saving this most precious inheritance .
    and i used to dislike Raj for his anti-outsider stand, apparently there is more than meets the eye in case of this man.
    he’ll gain a huge number of votes for this daring stand , i’m a die-hard fan of his from now on.
    Dr nishit

  2. This is just the kind of action that is needed worldwide. India continues to impress me with its actions towards life. Impresses me in an inverse way to China’s lack of respect for any kind of life.

  3. There can be no compromise in the war against poachers, a hard line zero tolerance policy is the only way to get results, but this needs to be extended to the dealers as well.

    • What a bonus….Taking out a poacher AND getting a reward! Where do I sign up,nevermind the reward. I wouldn't take it!

    • This is excellent. If only they'd implement this in the UK for all the scum who hurt animal. It would be like a hobby and a career all in one!!

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