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Send our email to Caroline Spelman to release emergency funds under Darwin to rebuild Epulu Station


An okapi at Marwell Wildlife, Hampshire, England.

As we reported yesterday there was a devastating attack on the Epulu Station in the D. R. Congo. This left the headquarters of the Institute in Congo for the Conservation of Nature in flames and equipment and vehicles stolen.

Once again the D. R. Congo ranger services paid a heavy price with 2 of the 6 killed being rangers. The attack was a result of the success of the service in their fight against elephant poachers and illegal miners.

The Epulu Station is in the World Heritage Site of Okapi Wildlife Reserve and as an internationaly important region the D. R. Congo government should be able to rely on international help in emergancy situations such as these.

We’d like you to help encourage the UK government to release emergency funds under the Darwin Initiative to help rebuild the both the Epulu Station and also the facilities of the Okapi conservation Programme that was destroyed and also to help fund the re-equipping of the station.

Each day the rangers of D. R. Congo put their lives on the line to protect the wildlife that is internationally important. It’s important that funds are given to this impoverished country to ensure that they can continue in their highly dangerous job.

Please email the letter below. If you have time you can reword the contents and help make it more personalised to your own thoughts on the matter.

While it’s not going to be a lot of money Wildlife News will be donating all our Amazon commissions for July to the fund set up to help rebuild the Opaki Conservation Project.

As requested here is our Amazon US link and here’s a quick link to Amazon UK


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