Cops pull over speeding car and find two dead tigers

tigerIt may have just seemed like another traffic violation when cops pulled over a speeding car in Vietnam but a routine check found two dead tigers in the boot of the car.

The driver and passenger were arrested yesterday after the discovery of the two tiger bodies in Quang Binh province. They were on route to Quang Tri province where they were to meet a man who was expecting delivery of the bodies.

The discovery is just the latest incident of dead tigers being found in cars following routine stops. just a few months ago a routine stop led to the discovery of 3 tiger bodies in the boot. It’s a clear demonstration of why Vietnam came out bottom in the league table for wildlife crimes recently published by the WWF.

The latest discovery adds even more pressure to the low numbers of tigers that can still be found in Vietnam. At the start of the year it was estimated that the country had just 30 tigers left living in the wild. The two reported incidents means that number has dropped to 25. It’s not known how many tigers may have been killed and smuggled out of the country without being caught.


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  1. When will the death penalty finally be applied to such grave environmental crimes?…

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