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13 of the 14 okapi at the Epulu Station were killed by the attackers.

It’s of real concern that Morgan – Paul Sadala – has managed to buy his freedom from the Mai Mai who were holding him. It appears that as the D R Congo were negotiating his handover and trying to raise the $10,000 demanded Morgan offered his captors $20,000 to go free. His release will mean that both people and wildlife in the region are back under threat from a criminal with no boundaries.

Morgan’s men were responsible for the attack on the Epulu Station which lead to the deaths of 7 people including 2 wildlife rangers and the burning alive of the wife of another ranger. They also looted and destroyed the ranger station, local Okapi conservation projects and a number of local villages. Women were raped and hostages taken – some women and children are still being held as sex slaves by his men.

At the same time he and his men killed 14 okapi that was at the conservation project within the World Heritage Site of the Okapi Reserve in DR Congo.

In the last two weeks of July alone Morgan and his men were responsible for the slaughter of 200 elephants in the region.  He is also responsible for the destruction of wildlife habitat with illegally gold mining in the World Heritage Site.

It’s believed that the Mai Mai who captured Morgan held on to him for up to 6 days while the government tried to bring the reward together but eventually Morgan offered a better deal for them.

Morgan was captured by rival Mai Mai Simba after venturing into their territory with some of his men. It is reported that he was chasing one of his ‘wives’ who had left him and had took a substantial sum of money with her.

The government’s  inability to raise the $10,000 reward quickly to ensure that Morgan is bought to justice is a really worry. This man needs to be caught quickly again and dealt with.

 Crowd-sourcing can be a really effective way of raising money for a wide range of conservation issues. So we are launching a project today to allow people who want Morgan captured to be able to donate to a reward fund.

We want to raise £25,000 for use as a reward to be paid to who-ever hands Morgan over to United Nations forces.

If you want to help bring one of DR Congo’s most dangerous men  for both wildlife and people to justice please donate we can not let him escape again because the government can not get the reward money together quickly enough.

Donations costs and fees: The only costs and fees taken out of your donation will be the banking and paypal charges. We will take no admin or maintenances fees from your donation. We hope that interest earned during the raisng of the fund will offset much of the banking and paypal charges to keep as much of your donation as possible in the fund. Currently the banking fees and paypal charges are working out at about 2.4% of the donation meaning that over 97% of your donation goes directly to the fund.


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