67 elephants a day killed by poachers in Tanzania

elephants tanzania

It is claimed that Tanzania is now losing 67 elephants a day to poachers.

At a press conference yesterday in Tanzania shadow minister Rev Peter Msigwa called for a special independent probe into poaching in the country which is now getting out of hand. He is calling for the probe to have wide-ranging powers as claims are made of senior politicians now being implicated in poaching gangs.

The unsupported claims of politicians and senior government officials being involved in illegal wildlife trading comes as investigations continue into senior police officers being behind a major poaching ring in the country.

Speaking in Dar es Salaam, Rev Msigwa said that up to 25% of global ivory seizures now seem to originate from elephants of Tanzania. He claims that reliable sources involved with wildlife in Tanzania acknowledge that the country is now losing at least 23,000 elephants a year from its national parks and reserves – the equivalent of 67 elephants a day being poached.

Msigwa explained, “As MP for Iringa Urban Constituency, I have mandate in defending our natural resources and effectively curbing increased poaching, which takes place in the national parks.”

While he was not naming names in relation to senior politicians Msigwa said that in the next parliamentary session he will be calling for an independent and high level probe into the poaching syndicates operating around the country.

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