TV Review: Wild At Heart the final episode

wild at heartFinally I’ve had the time to catch up on some Christmas viewing through catch up TV. For me the highlight of the season had to be the final episode of Wild At Heart. It was a feature length 90 minute episode that finished a much loved series about a vet in Africa.

The final episode took the series back to what made it so popular in the first place. There was humour, a great feel good factor with a family coming together to overcome problems and there was the stunning African scenery and wildlife.

Wild At Heart seemed to have lost it’s way in the last series and possibly last two series but this final movie length episode ensured that the programme ended on a high note.

Bringing the focus of the series back on the family and Du Plessis meant that Wild At Heart got back to being a family drama that could be enjoyed by all without being too depressing and complicated.

The finale saw the team head off to Zimbabwe to rescue their pet cheetah that had been stolen by wildlife traders.  The antics that the team got up to on their adventure to reclaim the cat was great fun and enjoyable to watch. There was little violence or aggression in the programme just great quality adventure that all members of the family no matter how young or old could enjoy.

It was the sort of good clean plot line and scripting that made the first 3 or 4 series of Wild At Heart unmissable high quality Sunday evening viewing.

Judging from the Twitter traffic I was not the only one who really enjoyed the finale. Viewing figures also show that the finale was viewed by close on 9 million people.

The ending was a little surprising though. I had read some interviews that the show would end with a definite closure so that there would be no future specials. I did not find that the ending was that definite. While the implication was that Dup went off walking into the sunset to die from a weak heart, it was not certain that that actually happened.

It was an ending that could easily be over come if a new series or special was planned for the future – though that is unlikely of course.

Normally the family viewing highlight for Christmas is the Dr Who Christmas special but this year Wild At Heart far surpassed Dr Who.

Wild At Heart will be a series sadly missed by this family.


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  1. Patsy, There are millions of people in the UK who feel the same and are still very upset that Wild at Heart was axed. It was the last true family drama on British television that entire families of multiple generations could watch together on cold winter Sunday nights. The theme song alone made people feel happy and gave a needed lift to the start of a new week. Glad to hear people in the U.S. are finding it on NetFlix and enjoying it.

  2. The viewer ratings quoted in this article for the Finale Special are not correct. The show did not beat Dr. Who. It’s ridiculous to even suggest that it did. The Finale of Wild at Heart was watched by only 6.04 Million viewers, as reported by BARB.CO.UK. This blog post should be corrected to show the true ratings.

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