Lion cub in Twitter sale is seized by authorities

lion cub for sale

A Dubai based pet shop has denied trying to sell a lion cub through Twitter.

On Monday a lion cub was put up for sale on the Twitter web site. Photographs of the cub was tweeted together with a price tag of Dh30,000 by a Dubai based pet shop. Today wildlife officials of the United Arab Emirates have taken the cub into custody.

The pet shop owner who is currently unidentified but went under the Twitter name of PetMateUAE has since taken down the tweets and claimed that he was not selling the lion cub but just looking for a home for it.

He has claimed to local media that the lion cub was not his but belonged to a friend who had bought it in a market at Sharjah and wanted to try and find a suitable home for it. He said that the cub would not have been given to someone unless they had all the permits required for keeping the lion.

The store owner who shop tagline is ‘selling all sorts of pets in the UAE’  said an official from the Ministry of Environment and Water, the  agency responsible for animal welfare in the emirates, had taken custody of the  lion today.

Reem Al Thawadi, from the Emirates Wildlife Society said the non-profit group was working with the Environment Agency  in Abu  Dhabi to trace the lion cub’s origins.

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  1. What a lying little sack of shite – “Not for sale – wanted to find a good home – buyer would have to have all the right permits.” Fine this twit and let him cool his heels in jail for a month or two to contemplate this defect in his soul.

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