Is Mozambique preparing to take on the poachers

Mozambique is not known as a country that is prepared to make a great effort to track down and take on the rhino and elephant poachers that are well established in its country. Could that now be about to change as plans are announced for a dedicated anti-poaching force made up of ex-military personnel.

A leading not-for-profit organisation in Mozambique, the Joaquim Chissano Foundation, has announced that it plans to work with the Mozambique government and overseas funders to set up an armed force that will tackle poachers in the country and it will also work with neighbouring South Africa.

Rhino poachers are well established in Mozambique and regularly cross over the border in order to kill rhinos in South Africa’s national parks and in particular the Kruger National Park. Earlier this year an agreement was put in place between Mozambique and South Africa to allow South Africa rangers to pursue poachers across the border and into Mozambique.

The Joaquim Chissano Foundation has said that it wants to establish the force in order to both tackle the trade in rhino horn and elephants but also to try a cut back on the number of Mozambique citizens being killed as they undertake poaching activities in South Africa.

The Joaquim Chissano Foundation was founded in 2005 by H.E. Joaquim Alberto Chissano. It is a private, non-profit organization that aims at promoting Peace, as well as Economic and Cultural Development in Mozambique. Chissano was the second president of Mozambique and led the country from 1986 -2005 transforming it from a broken state after the civil war to a modern African democracy.

As president Chissano was effective at tackling poverty in the country and building up the economy of the country. Since stepping down he has also played a major role for peace in Africa with the United Nations. Time will tell if he is able to make effective use of his considerable skills to be able to boost Mozambique’s desire to take on the poachers.


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