No Judge, No Jury – poachers to be shot on the spot in Tanzania


Go poaching in Tanzania and you can expect to be shot on the spot by rangers or soldiers.

We’re still trying to get the actual transcript of what Tanzania’s Minister for Natural Resources and Tourism Khamis Kagasheki  actually said but reports are coming in that soldiers and rangers are to be given orders to shoot poachers on the spot. It’s being reported that Kagasheki sees no reason for poachers to be arrested and bought to trial when they can be dealt with in the jungle.

It’s being reported in Chinese media that after the March for Elephants in Tanzania’s capital Arusha he said,

“There will be no forgiveness when it comes to cases of poachers terrorizing innocent wildlife like elephants, rhinos and other species in this country,” Tanzania’s Minister for Natural Resources and Tourism Khamis Kagasheki said, adding there will be no need for poachers to take them to court.

He went on to warn that poachers operating in state parks and reserves should pack up their guns and leave because rangers and soldiers will be ordered to shoot on the spot any poacher discovered.

Kagasheki said he dismisses any actions from Human Rights organisations and Tanzania will listen to no-one when it comes to implementing the protection of the country’s wildlife.

I am very aware that some alleged human rights activists will make an uproar, claiming that poachers have as much rights to be tried in courts as the next person, but let’s face it, poachers not only kill wildlife but also usually never hesitate to shoot dead any innocent person standing in their way,” Kagasheki said.

He said that  trials take too long and sometimes the poachers get acquitted on technical grounds. Those issues will be solved by shooting the poachers on the spot.

He also announced that Tanzania will be launching a full survey soon to find out just how many elephants are being lost to poachers as estimates range between 30 and 70 elephant killing a day happening in the country.

Update: 5/10/2013: In a report in the Tanzanian national newspaper it is being reported that Kagasheki said that he could not help feel that shooting poachers on the spot would be the best thing to do.

Unlike in the Chinese media reports there are no indications that this shoot to kill policy is to be a government policy.

In another report from Tanzania it says that Kagasheki has issued soot to kill orders to a small group of specially trained wildlife rangers.

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  1. they deserve to be shot They get the same treatment they give to the poor animals The only difference is they know it the animals don’t. Hope they all get shot and there heads are mounted as trophys to warn others Well done mr kangasheki

  2. I agree with that, the animals were killed without the trial. So those poachers will be shot without the trial too. That’s jungle laws.

  3. Good!! Just kill all of the poachers! Find the ones that have killed these elephant’s in the past and kill them! I would be honored to see their heads on a stick everyone of them!

  4. I AGREE poachers to be shot on the spot. It is a shame to kill such beautiful animals for the Ivory. Africa should hang there heads in shame and the govenments ” Who is still allowing this to go on”. There are mnay getting paid under the table to freely poach these animals. There is no way this country, could have so many animals killed and the government NOT have a hand in it !!

    The Money and China as well as other countrys … for the greed of money .. Shameful evil demands …. may God Curse you.

    • Specially trained armed enforcement would be the way forward, to prevent untrained rangers making bad calls due to poor experience/judgement – if there is a budget for it.

  5. Hasn’t there been a Zimbabwean Ranger sentenced to hang for this though? Not saying I don’t agree with it (shoot to kill poachers), although maybe the middle-men and Asians driving the trade should be subject to the same justice!

    • I have to agree that I don’t have a problem with shooting poachers but I’d like to see the actual orders to see if there is a high risk of innocent people being caught in the crossfire. That said I guess if Tanzania bans the carrying of guns in it’s national parks and you decide to enter a park carrying a gun then you don’t really have anyone to blame except yourself.

    • But then there’s potentially an argument for the right to self-defence in areas with big predators… which may actually be genuine in the case of people living within the park boundaries.

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