Who is the world’s wildlife favourite airline?

Until recently there was little to choose between the biggest airlines when it came to wildlife protection. But in just a few weeks that has all changed. For the eco-tourist looking to spend their green pound in an ethical fashion or company buyers looking to meet their sustainability policies things have changed- there is now […]

rhino horn

Vietnam claims drop of 77% in rhino horn demand in a year

After a 12 month advertising and communications campaign in Vietnam a recent survey has shown that the number of people who  buy rhino horns and preparations from rhino horn has dropped by 77% and the number of people who believe that rhino horn has medicinal powers has dropped by 60%. These were the figures stated by […]


Singapore makes biggest ivory seizure since 2002

Authorities in Singapore have announced that they have made the largest seizure of ivory and other wildlife products since 2002. The shipment contained 3.7 tonnes of ivory, 4 rhino horns and 22 big cats teeth. The shipment was on route from Mombasa in Kenya to Vietnam. The ivory comprising 1,783 pieces of raw ivory tusk […]

leopard - Shaun Metcalfe

Zambia begins hunting of big cats again

On Friday, Tourism and Arts Minister, Jean Kapata announced that the ban on hunting of lions and leopards is to be lifted in the country. The ban has been in place since 2013. Lion can be hunted again from next year and leopards can be hunted and killed from later this year. The ban on lion […]


Rhino relocations not sustainable for Manas

With the next meeting of the World Heritage Site Committee just weeks away the State of Properties reports are being scrutinised and finalised. The latest report for Manas National Park and World Heritage Site  sees a warning from the IUCN Conservation Breeding Specialist Group that rhino relocations to Manas is not sustainable unless poaching is […]


Mozambique raids wildlife house of horror

Mozambique police and wildlife officials have made their biggest wildlife bust ever after raiding a house belonging to a Chinese national. Hidden in the house of horror was 340 elephant tusks and 65 rhino horns. “Undoubtedly, this is a case that is related to poaching. Some of the ivory tusks still have fresh blood, a […]


Emirates SkyCargo bans transport of hunt trophies

Momentum is building  in ending the wildlife trade and protecting endangered species from both poachers and unsustainable hunting of wildlife as a second major international airline bans the transport of hunt trophies. Emirates SkyCargo one of the biggest international cargo carriers and part of the world’s biggest airline has said that from Friday 15th May […]

Badger baiting rises in England and Wales but convictions drop.

Badger campaigners intellectually dishonest

Finally a number of the memos and letters written by Prince Charles to the government have finally been published . The memos cover a wide range of topics including farming and the environment. One exchange of letters covered subjects as diverse as hill farms, lynx helicopters in Iraq and the badger cull. The exchange was […]


Rhino deaths soar in Etosha poaching crisis

Since the discovery of 31 rhino bodies in a week at the Etosha National Park in Namibia the number of dead rhinos have soared. While officially the number of rhino bodies discovered so far this year is 54 unofficial local sources have put the figure at 85. The new bodies have been discovered since the […]

Chengdu-Lodz line

High-speed train link to China set to reach Western Europe

The days of getting on  high-speed train in London and stepping off in Beijing is getting closer as China announces that it is to open a new station in Western Europe as it extends the line from Lodz in Poland. While not as quick as a plane the ‘green’ way to travel to China from […]


China rejects elephant summit claims

China has rejected claims made in the pro-hunting newsletter ‘African Indaba’ that it asked questions about trading in parts of elephants including reproductive organs at the Kinsane Elephant Summit.  The claims were made by the representative of the hunting organisation CIC International Council for Game and Wildlife Conservation. The Chinese delegate, Sun Guoshun, from the […]

kenya elephant

CITES name 17 countries that need to do more on wildlife trade

A new report by the National Legislation Project of the Convention on International Trade in Endangered Species of Wildlife and Flora (CITES)  highlights 17 countries that need to undertake immediate action to tackle the illegal trade in wildlife. The 17 noted countries are among 88 countries and 13 dependant territories that CITES and the UN […]

richard leakey

Richard Leakey back at head of Kenya Wildlife Service

Kenya has called on the services again of Richard Leakey to combat the elephant poaching in the country. Under Presidential orders Leakey has been made chairman of the Kenya Wildlife Services and told to tackle the poaching crisis. Richard Leakey played an instrumental in combatting elephant poaching in Kenya during the 1980’s as head of […]