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Poachers buy Kaziranga forest guards for £1,000

The arrest of a poacher last week in Nagaland, India reveals that forest guards are being bought for just over £1000 in order to allow poachers to kill rhinos in the national park. Information from the accused poacher, Bhagirath Jamal, revealed that forest guards were being bought of 1 lakh rupees (approx. £1,075) for help […]


Thailand could be ready to begin burning ivory stockpile

The Department of National Parks Wildlife and Plant Conservation is seeking permission from the Prime Minister of Thailand to burn its stock of confiscated ivory. Thailand currently has an estimated 12 tons of ivory with 5 tons being held jointly by the parks department with the Customs department. The remaining 7 tons is held by […]


Zambia lobbies to sell ivory stockpile

Zambia is lobbying other countries to be able to sell its 46 tons of ivory stockpile. The news came in an answer to a question raised in the Zambian parliament. The original question was raised by MMD Lumezi Member of Parliament (MP) Isaac Banda who asked how much ivory the Zambia Wildlife Authority held between  September […]

gombe chimps - thomas gillespie

Human disease threatens last of Goodall’s chimps

There are just 100 chimpanzees left in the Gombe Stream National Park in Tanzania. The chimp population was made famous by the researcher Jane Goodall who made them one of the most studied populations in the world. But since her studies in the 1960’s the population has declined and continues to fall. Despite Gombe being […]

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85% of Thai ivory traders close in 3 months

As the deadline looms for Thailand to get its domestic ivory trade in order or risk trade bans under CITES the number of ivory traders in Thailand’s main ivory market has dropped by 85%.  As traders have not been able to provide sufficient evidence of the source of their ivory the number of shops in […]

Sunda Pangolin

Rescued pangolins sold to restaurants

When police from the northern province of Vietnam intercepted poachers and rescued 42 pangolins it might be safe to assume that eventually those pangolins would be released back into the wild. However once the pangolins were handed over to forest officials the officials decided to sell them to local restaurants. Conservationists from Education for Nature-Vietnam […]

Hong Kong’s big ivory burn begins

The secret world of ivory destruction

Concerns are being raised by conservation and environmental groups about the handling of the ivory destruction in Hong Kong. From the high profile destruction of the first batch in May 2014 the following monthly destruction has been strictly ‘behind closed doors’. Each batch of ivory destruction since that first batch has been witnessed only by […]


Cameroon responds to reappearance of poachers at Bouba-Ndjidda

The Cameroon government has launched Operation Peace at Bouba-Ndjidda after the discovery of elephant poachers operating in the national park again. In an effort to prevent a repeat of the 2012 slaughter of elephants a full scale military operation has been launched to track down and eradicated the poachers. On January 16th a military patrol […]

polar bear

International protection increased for 31 species

The so called ‘Shark COP’ – or the 11th Meeting of the Conference of the Parties to the Convention on the Conservation of Migratory Species of Wild Animals (CMS) (COP11) – concluded yesterday in Quito, Ecuador. The result is that 31 species have been given greater international protection including 21 species of sharks and rays. The conference […]

Bile extraction taking place in a Laotian bear farm traffic

Bear bile farming surges in Lao PDR

The number of bears held in bear bile farms in the Peoples Democratic Republic of Lao has surged in recent years. In 2008 there were just 40 bears held captive but by 2012 the number had tripled to 122. With no breeding facilities at the farms the assumption is that the growth of bear bile […]

Chinese property tycoon ate 3 tigers in three months

Chinese property tycoon ate 3 tigers in three months

A Chinese property tycoon from Nanning in Guangxi Zhuang southern China was caught up in a police raid in Guangdong where a tiger was electrocuted and dismembered for eating. The businessman was named as Xu and he pleaded guilty to the charges at Qinzhou Beiqu People’s Court on June 5th. The court also heard Xu admit to being […]

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