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31 dead rhinos found in 1 week at Etosha National Park

Namibian police are carrying out an investigation after 31 rhinos were discovered dead in a week at the Etosha National Park. Details of the deaths are not yet available and it is not known if all had been killed by poachers or if some were natural deaths. The majority of the bodies were found in […]


Unofficially it’s 365 rhino killed so far in 2015

With officials figures hard to come by and a change from regular monthly reports to ‘quarterly or so’ reports its difficult to find out the current situation on rhino poaching in South Africa. Even with reports and statistics now being published on a quarterly basis the South African government is still finding excuses not to […]


Rhino horn and tusks intercepted in Vietnam

Customs officials at Noi Bai Airport in Vietnam have made a multi-million dollar seizure of rhino horns and elephant tusks. The products had arrived at the airport from France. It’s a reminder that Europe is a major transit country for illegal wildlife products. The 18 elephant tusks and 3 rhino horns were seized yesterday after […]

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Conflating the Figures, Zimbabwe attempts to justify selling off it’s Wild Elephants

Zimbabwe’s elephant population is so large that it has reached double the country’s carrying capacity, claims Zimbabwe’s minister for the environment, water and climate, Saviour Kasukuwere, who believes that his country’s recent  capture and selling off young wild elephants, to zoos and private collections to the middle and far-east are necessary in order to control […]

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CITES trade ban against DR Congo lifted

CITES has recommended that the trade ban imposed on DR Congo for failing to produce an adequate ivory action plan be lifted. The organisation received a National Ivory Action Plan from the country on 6th April 2015. The notice lifting the trade ban was released today. The action plan is now available for download from […]

bear baiting with dogs

Ukraine bans brutal bear baiting

The Ukrainian government has finally banned the cruel practice of  baiting, following years of campaigning by international animal welfare organisation FOUR PAWS. The country’s governing body has passed a law officially banning the use of bears and wolves as bait objects for the training of hunting dogs. Furthermore, the law forbids the organisation and staging […]


Conservatives pledge total ban on ivory sales

The Conservatives have pledged to work towards a total ban on ivory sales in their latest manifesto. In their manifesto launched today on page 55 they stated: We will promote effective worldwide measures for tuna conservation, press for a total ban on ivory sales, and support the Indian Government in its efforts to protect the […]

bill fitzpatrick - african parks

African Parks missing plane and pilot found

According to a Cameroonian online newspaper, The Cameroon Postline, a plane wreckage has apparently been found in the Bakossi Mountain area in the southwest of the country, and is believed to be that of the Cessna 172 flown by missing US pilot, Bill Fitzpatrick. The Bakossi area is included in the terrain that African Parks […]

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Supersized bird feeders of Reading

Feeding gardens birds is a popular past-time for many wildlife lovers in the UK. Enjoying the colour and songs of birds such as chaffinch, blue tit and chiffchaffs can be a pleasant morning entertainment. But for some extreme bird feeders in the town of Reading the seeds and suet balls are out and chicken carcasses […]

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A love of elephants is not enough for film funders

The much-vaunted film of Richard Leakey that is set to be made by Angelina Jolie may not get off the ground. One of the major funders has decided that the love of elephants is not enough to make the film a success and the film should become a love story. Film funders Skydance Productions are […]

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Convicted Ivory Traffickers in Zambia Jailed 5 Years

A magistrate’s court in Zambia has sentenced five men to five years in jail after they were arrested by the Zambia Wildlife Authority’s (ZAWA’s) Intelligence and Investigations Unit (IIU) in February. The men were in possession of 210 kilograms of ivory when they tried to sell the ivory to an undercover IIU operative. They were […]

Xiaonanhai dam

Major Chinese dam project blocked by Environment Ministry

One of China’s biggest hydro-power project on the Jinsha River which feeds the Yangtze is set to be blocked by the Ministry of Environmental Protection. The ministry has made the move to protect rare fish species found in the regions nationally protected reserves. The ministry said in an unpublished report on the proposal that the […]


Wildlife groups urge EU to ban ivory exports

Eighteen international environmental and conservation organisations are calling on European Union governments to halt all exports of raw ivory when the EU’s Committee on Trade in Wild Fauna and Flora meets on 10th April in Brussels. Ivory trade has expanded in the EU, making it the world’s largest exporter of so-called pre-Convention or “old” ivory. An analysis in 2014 […]

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Namibia’s desert circles mirror skin cells

The strange desert ‘fairy circles’ of Namibia have thrown up another mystery to their existence. Far from being random happenings the pattern of their occurrences seem to mirror the pattern of skin cells. What causes these circles is still a puzzle though. The ‘fairy circles’ of Namibia are large circles of bare ground surrounded by […]

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Auction house hands over ivory collection

A Cornish auction house has handed over a private collection of ivory pieces following a visit by the Devon and Cornwall Police and National Wildlife Crime Unit. The company was unsure of the history of all the pieces of ivory so decided to play it safe and handed over the collection to the police. The […]

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Whale & dolphin meat samples tested in japan exceed safe mercury limits

The Government of Japan and the country’s largest online marketplace for whale and dolphin meat have been urged to stop turning a blind eye to consumer health after the latest analysis revealed unsafe mercury contamination in 100 per cent of samples tested. The Environmental Investigation Agency (EIA) tested 13 products purchased from Yahoo! Japan – […]

deforrestation by definition

New Investigative Report Exposes Illegal Deforestation of Peruvian Amazon for Palm Oil Cultivation

The Environmental Investigation Agency (EIA) have launched a new report, Deforestation by Definition, exposing the ongoing and looming threat of illegal deforestation in the Peruvian Amazon due to installation of agro-industrial monoculture plantations, such as oil palm. Both national and international actors have requested tens of thousands of hectares of forested public land in the […]

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