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75% of people in Hong Kong support ivory trade ban

As elephant poaching crisis continues, over three quarters of citizens living in key ivory market support comprehensive ban on sales The Hong Kong public overwhelmingly supports a comprehensive ban on elephant ivory sales, according to a new survey conducted by the University of Hong Kong’s Public Opinion Programme. Of the 1,021 people surveyed, 75.5 percent […]


Hunt lobby set to fight CITES over Mozambique trade ban

The hunt lobby is set to fight the CITES Secretariat over a trade ban on hippo trophies put in place in 2012 against Mozambique and Cameroon. The trade ban was introduced following years of warnings to the countries to ensure their hunting of hippos was sustainable. The hunt lobby are claiming that the ban was imposed […]

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Poachers kill half of Mozambique’s elephants in 5 years

Mozambique poachers head to South Africa to kill rhinos and poachers from Tanzania head to Mozambique to kill elephants. So goes the sad situation for wildlife in Africa. With Tanzanian authorities boosting action to stop the continuing losses of elephants in its country the poachers are heading over the border for easier pickings. A report […]


Saiga antelope deaths exceed 90,000 in 2 weeks

The death toll of the saiga continues to mount in Kazakhstan with latest figures released by the government showing that over the last 10 days over 90,000 dead animals have been found. While the cause is not confirmed it is though that pasteurellosis is the most likely cause. A second explanation that is being proposed is […]


Who is the world’s wildlife favourite airline?

Until recently there was little to choose between the biggest airlines when it came to wildlife protection. But in just a few weeks that has all changed. For the eco-tourist looking to spend their green pound in an ethical fashion or company buyers looking to meet their sustainability policies things have changed- there is now […]

World Rhino Day

Rhino horn trade debate will fuel poaching

 By working on a proposal to CITES to legalise trade in rhino horn, South Africa could actually be fuelling rhino poaching. Last month, the Department of Environmental Affairs (DEA) announced a committee to investigate legal trade in rhino horn. If approved, a trade proposal will be presented at the next CITES congress in 2016. International […]


The efficacy of trading rhino horn debunked

A group of local and international experts converged in Cape Town on Tuesday (19th May 2015) to discuss the legal and illegal trade in endangered wildlife. Jo Shaw, the manager of WWF-SA’s Rhino Programme, sketched an overview of the dire situation the species faces in South Africa, being slaughtered at a rate of about three animals […]

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Animal welfare threat as Japan makes plans for dolphin farms

As a result of mounting global pressure in response to the annual wild dolphin hunt and slaughter in Taji, Japan, authorities in the country have pledged not to source live dolphins for zoos and aquariums captured during those hunts.  However, there are now proposals to create a dolphin farm in the same area in order […]

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D R Congo bans Traditional Chinese Medicine

The Democratic Republic of Congo has banned Chinese hospitals and practitioners of Traditional Chinese Medicine. While the ban has been made due to ‘non-compliance with local health regulations’ the move will certainly help endangered species across the world. With China increasing its presence and influence in Africa there are increasing numbers of Chinese national operating […]

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Vietnam claims drop of 77% in rhino horn demand in a year

After a 12 month advertising and communications campaign in Vietnam a recent survey has shown that the number of people who  buy rhino horns and preparations from rhino horn has dropped by 77% and the number of people who believe that rhino horn has medicinal powers has dropped by 60%. These were the figures stated by […]


Singapore makes biggest ivory seizure since 2002

Authorities in Singapore have announced that they have made the largest seizure of ivory and other wildlife products since 2002. The shipment contained 3.7 tonnes of ivory, 4 rhino horns and 22 big cats teeth. The shipment was on route from Mombasa in Kenya to Vietnam. The ivory comprising 1,783 pieces of raw ivory tusk […]

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Rejecting extinction: beaver reintroduction offers major benefits to Scotland

The potential reintroduction of beavers to Scotland after almost 500 years is a historic opportunity that could bring major environmental and economic benefits to Scotland – including by generating millions of pounds through eco-tourism, said award-winning conservation charity Trees for Life today. This week or next, Scottish Natural Heritage is due to report to the […]

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Zambia begins hunting of big cats again

On Friday, Tourism and Arts Minister, Jean Kapata announced that the ban on hunting of lions and leopards is to be lifted in the country. The ban has been in place since 2013. Lion can be hunted again from next year and leopards can be hunted and killed from later this year. The ban on lion […]


Rhino relocations not sustainable for Manas

With the next meeting of the World Heritage Site Committee just weeks away the State of Properties reports are being scrutinised and finalised. The latest report for Manas National Park and World Heritage Site  sees a warning from the IUCN Conservation Breeding Specialist Group that rhino relocations to Manas is not sustainable unless poaching is […]

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Vietnamese man arrested in Russia with body of Siberian tiger

Russian police have raided premises in Moscow and arrested a Vietnamese citizen with the head and skin of a critically endangered Siberian tiger. Following a search of the property they also found 59 big cat teeth and four bones. They are currently awaiting expert identification on these body parts to determine if they came from […]

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Vietnamese man caught with rhino parts and lion teeth at Kenyan airport

A Vietnamese citizen travelling from Maputo in Mozambique to Hanoi has been intercepted by Kenyan customs officials at Jomo Kenyatt International Airport. He was carrying rhino horn, rhino tails and lions teeth. The items were worth almost £80,000. Vuanh Tuan, 47 was transferring to his flight to Vietnam when the items were discovered in his […]


Mozambique raids wildlife house of horror

Mozambique police and wildlife officials have made their biggest wildlife bust ever after raiding a house belonging to a Chinese national. Hidden in the house of horror was 340 elephant tusks and 65 rhino horns. “Undoubtedly, this is a case that is related to poaching. Some of the ivory tusks still have fresh blood, a […]

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