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UK to provide extra £3 million to tackle wildlife trade

 Justine Greening MP, International Development Secretary, has announced a new £3 million boost to funds to tackle wildlife poaching and trading. The announcement was made during the wildlife trade conference in Botswana. The funding will be used to help communities affected by illegal poaching to find new ways of producing income from wildlife conservation. Justine […]

KFC joins McDonalds in helping hedgehogs

KFC joins McDonalds in helping hedgehogs

From today you may notice a slight difference to the lids of Kentucky Fried Chicken Krushems milkshake. The hole at the top is smaller to help prevent hedgehogs getting their heads trapped. Of course the best way to stop hedgehogs being killed by litter is not to throw it away in the first place but […]


Poachers buy Kaziranga forest guards for £1,000

The arrest of a poacher last week in Nagaland, India reveals that forest guards are being bought for just over £1000 in order to allow poachers to kill rhinos in the national park. Information from the accused poacher, Bhagirath Jamal, revealed that forest guards were being bought of 1 lakh rupees (approx. £1,075) for help […]


Elephant populations decline again in 2014

Official figures from the CITES Monitoring the Illegal Killing of Elephants (MIKE) programme show that in 2014 there was no change in the killing of elephants on 2013. This means that for a another year the killing of elephants has exceeded natural birth rates and populations are falling. While the figures show a decline on […]

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Hong Kong intercepts 2 tons of pangolin scales

Hong Kong customs department has announced that on Tuesday its officials intercepted and confiscated 2 tons of pangolin scales. The scales have been valued at over USD 1.2 million and originated from Nigeria. Customs officials at the Kwai Chung Customhouse Cargo Examination Compound became suspicious of the container as it arrived in Hong Kong and […]


Ethiopia burns its 6 tons of ivory

Ethiopia has become the latest country to take the stand against the illegal trade in ivory by burning its stockpile of 6.1 tons of ivory and elephant tusks. In a public display the country shows that it has no interest in the commercial value of dead elephants. The ivory bonfire was set ablaze in the […]

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On Eve of Tokyo Wildlife Symposium, Environmentalists Call on Japan to Ban Domestic Ivory Trade

Environmentalists today called on the Government of Japan to ban domestic ivory trade to prevent the extinction of Africa’s highly endangered and rapidly disappearing forest elephants (Loxodonta cyclotis). The continent’s population of forest elephants, a distinct species from savanna elephants (Loxodonta africana), plummeted by 65 percent between 2002 and 2013 due to ivory poaching. As […]

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Three countries receive CITES trade bans for failing elephants

Three countries have been placed on a trade ban list for failing to meet their obligations to protect elephants and deal with the rampant illegal ivory trade. Notices were issued today by CITES recommending that signatories no longer permit trade with Nigeria, Laos and DR Congo. During the July 2014 meeting of CITES tackling the […]


Thailand could be ready to begin burning ivory stockpile

The Department of National Parks Wildlife and Plant Conservation is seeking permission from the Prime Minister of Thailand to burn its stock of confiscated ivory. Thailand currently has an estimated 12 tons of ivory with 5 tons being held jointly by the parks department with the Customs department. The remaining 7 tons is held by […]


Zambia lobbies to sell ivory stockpile

Zambia is lobbying other countries to be able to sell its 46 tons of ivory stockpile. The news came in an answer to a question raised in the Zambian parliament. The original question was raised by MMD Lumezi Member of Parliament (MP) Isaac Banda who asked how much ivory the Zambia Wildlife Authority held between  September […]


Australia bans import of lion trophies

In a major win against the canned lion hunts of Africa the Australian government has announced a ban on permits for the import of lion trophies and parts. The ban is to take place immediately. Federal Environment Minister, Greg Hunt,  made the announcement during the Global March for Lions. The ban was announced following a […]

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Human disease threatens last of Goodall’s chimps

There are just 100 chimpanzees left in the Gombe Stream National Park in Tanzania. The chimp population was made famous by the researcher Jane Goodall who made them one of the most studied populations in the world. But since her studies in the 1960’s the population has declined and continues to fall. Despite Gombe being […]

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Snow leopards recorded in Tianshan mountains after 10 years absence

The Xinjiang Institute of Ecology and Geography of the Chinese Academy of Sciences have announced that their researchers have captured images of 3 different snow leopards on camera traps in the Tianshan Mountains. The first evidence of them in the region for over 10 years. The images of three snow leopards were captured by infrared […]

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Delegates hear of wildlife successes in Changbai mountains

 National People’s Congress deputy and director of the Changbai Mountain National Nature Reserve Administrative Committee,  Xie Zhongyan, has described the successes of conservation success in the Changbai Mountain Range Reserve. Following the ban on hunting and a crackdown on poaching wildlife is once again flourishing in the reserve. “Experts say that Siberian tigers have increased […]


New national office for tigers in China

China is to establish a new National Office for Tigers in an effort to co-ordinate tiger conservation across the country. The new office will also take the lead in international co-operation to boost tiger numbers. Preparations are being made for the office, which will be an improvement on the currently fragmented tiger preservation efforts, said […]

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Kenya leads the way as UK and Tanzania lag behind

Today’s burning of 15 tons of ivory and tusks by Kenya has shown the way for other African countries who want to make a stand against elephant poaching. At the burn in Nairobi National Park, President Uhuru Kenyatta committed to burning the remain stockpile of Kenya by the end of this year. Before the 15 […]

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Social media becomes new trading hub for wildlife in China

Transactions for illegal wildlife products, particularly ivory, are shifting away from online retailers and onto social media platforms according to TRAFFIC’s research into the Chinese-language online retail community. This is a key finding of a new report, Moving targets: Tracking online sales of illegal wildlife products in China, which discloses the results of routine market […]


Kenya to burn 15 tons of ivory on World Wildlife Day

There are reports from at least 2 official Chinese newspapers that Kenya is to mark World Wildlife Day by burning 15 tons of elephant tusk and ivory. While we’ve not yet been able to get an official source from Kenya to confirm or deny the report, both Xinhua (China’s state run news service) and […]

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