Who is the world’s wildlife favourite airline?

Until recently there was little to choose between the biggest airlines when it came to wildlife protection. But in just a few weeks that has all changed. For the eco-tourist looking to spend their green pound in an ethical fashion or company buyers looking to meet their sustainability policies things have changed- there is now […]


South African Airways bans transport of hunting trophies

As South African Airways (SAA) pushes ahead to be one of the most sustainable airlines in the world the company has announced an immediate ban on the transport of hunting trophies on its passenger and cargo planes. The decision was made last week and formally announced yesterday. In January this year SAA was only the second […]


Prestigious nature festivals call on support for revival of wild foods and conservation of local food resources

Two of Scotland’s prestigious nature festivals are uniting in a call for people to support the revival of wild food trends and the conservation of food produced from our natural environment. As part of Scotland’s Year of Food and Drink, The Dumfries and Galloway Wild Spring Festival and the Scottish Borders Nature Festival today (Monday […]

Whale sharks bring in $10 million a year to the Maldives

One of the classic dive locations in the world is producing more income for the Maldives than previously thought. The whale shark population at South Ari atoll Marine Protected Area attracts an incredible 77,000 visitors each year and they spend US$9.4 million a year. The whale shark population at  South Ari is one of the few whale […]

Thailand must act to prevent resurgence of illegal wild elephant trade

Wild live elephants are being illegally captured to supply the lucrative tourism industry in Thailand and urgent changes to the country’s legislation and elephant registration procedures are needed to stop the trafficking, finds a new report released today. An assessment of the live elephant trade in Thailand provides details of between 79 and 81 wild […]

Highlights of the World Heritage Sites 2014 Agenda

In a little over 2 weeks the 38th Session of the World Heritage Sites Committee will take place. On the list of properties under review are 15 natural world properties. The committee will be looking at what steps have been taken to try to protect or conserve these globally valuable habitats. The provisional agenda for the […]

Grape-treading elephant attraction withdraws permit application

The tide is turning against interactions with elephants by the paying public. The National Council of Societies for the Prevention of Cruelty to Animals’ (NSPCA) stance is that such “activities” play no part in ethical tourism and have no conservation or welfare benefit for the animals. The Meerendal Wine Estate in Cape Town had applied […]

Is Mugabe losing control of Zanu PF members?

Despite last weeks orders from Zanu-PF command and President Mugabe warning officials to stay away from wildlife conservancies a group of military and police officials have ignored the party orders and continue to target conservancies in the country. Even those wildlife parks working with local communities are being targeted by renegade party members. In signs […]

New hope for Zimbabwe’s Lowveld

Walter Mzembi, Zimbabwe Minister for Tourism and Hospitality, has made many high-ranking enemies recently as he tries to make Zimbabwe an important wildlife tourism destination. His opposition to on-going repatriation of lands to high-ranking officials, especially in the Lowveld region, has led to some calling him traitorous to the Zanu-PF cause. Others such as Environment, […]

Tourism – poaching’s silent witness

In 2011 tourism contributed R83,4-billion to South Africa’s GDP and last year more than 9-million tourists splashed out R76,4-billion across the country. As a major economic driver, South Africa’s tourism industry has traditionally been in a position of strength when applying pressure on the government to respond to major issues which negatively affect it. Likewise, […]

The world’s best ecotour

The Nam Nern Night Safari has been voted as the World Responsible Tourism Award for Best for Responsible Wildlife Experience at the World Travel Mart in London. The tour uses local community initiatives, supported by the Wildlife Conservation Society (WCS), to give tourists a unique insight into the wildlife of Lao wildlife. 14 partner communities, the Lao DPR government and […]

Ugandan national park loses nearly 60% of lions in 10 years

A recent wildlife survey has highlighted that lions in some of Uganda’s conservation areas are dropping in number. In some areas the losses could be as great as 60% over the last 10 years. It is estimated that just 408 lions remain in the 3 top strongholds for lions in the country. “African lions are a vital component […]

The worst flight path for ozone production revealed

Flying is always going to be a polluting way of travel unless technology takes a big step forward. But it seems that some flights are more damaging for local pollution levels and local climate change than others. Aircraft produces ozone in the upper atmosphere but some areas are more prone to ozone production than others. A […]

Manta Ray tourism worth $140 million a year

Swimming with manta rays is one of the highlights for any scuba diver and can be a valuable source of money and jobs for local people. The latest estimate for the value of manta ray tourism has been put at USD140 million a year. Just 10 countries account for 93% of the value and manta […]