ecuador shark fin

200,000 shark fins seized as Ecuador moves on poaching ring

Ecuador have arrested 3 suspected shark-fin traffickers and seized more than 200,000 sharks fins in an operation at the country’s main fishing port. Officials say the traders were responsible for over 300,000 shark deaths recently. Authorities moved in on warehousing in Manta in western Ecuador and discovered the haul. “So far nine raids have been […]

dolphin show

Animal welfare threat as Japan makes plans for dolphin farms

As a result of mounting global pressure in response to the annual wild dolphin hunt and slaughter in Taji, Japan, authorities in the country have pledged not to source live dolphins for zoos and aquariums captured during those hunts.  However, there are now proposals to create a dolphin farm in the same area in order […]

entangled seal - cornwall seal group

More seals saved from the threat of ghost fishing nets

Many marine wildlife groups working in Cornwall often get calls about sighting of seals who are injured, or entangled in fishing gear, or marine litter.  Over the last month, British Divers Marine Life Rescue (BDMLR) and the National Trust received several calls about a seal entangled in lost fishing gear but despite repeated search attempts […]


Fish buyers urged to reject seafood caught by icelandic whalers

A coalition of animal welfare and conservation groups has launched a new online ad campaign to coincide with the 2015 Seafood Exposition Global and Seafood Processing Global convention in Brussels this week, advising consumers and major seafood buyers to be aware of fish “tainted by the blood of whales”.  Among exhibitors at the Seafood Expo […]

beakes whael - EIA

Whale & dolphin meat samples tested in japan exceed safe mercury limits

The Government of Japan and the country’s largest online marketplace for whale and dolphin meat have been urged to stop turning a blind eye to consumer health after the latest analysis revealed unsafe mercury contamination in 100 per cent of samples tested. The Environmental Investigation Agency (EIA) tested 13 products purchased from Yahoo! Japan – […]


Marine wildlife gets boost from budget

There is no extra money and enforcement costs will have to be met from already stretched Royal Navy budgets but in his last budget of this parliament George Osborne has created the world’s largest marine reserve. 322,000 sq miles of remote and pristine ocean around the Pitcairn Island are to be designated as a marine […]


2.9 million whales slaughtered in 100 years

The first estimate of the number of whales killed during the 2oth century is set to be published in the next edition of Marine Fisheries Review. Researchers hunted through the records and found that between 1900 and 1999 a total of 2.9 million whales were killed. The scale of modern industrial whaling that took hold […]


81% of monitored Chinese coastal water is polluted

A report by the Chinese State Oceanic Administration (SOA) has shown that its coastal waters are heavily polluted. Of the areas monitored by the SOA 81% are polluted – an area of 41,000 sq km. The report describe how much of the polluted coastline is found along the river estuaries and in bays. main pollutants are […]


Norway’s whale meat breaches Japan’s health standards

Whale meat shipped from Norway to Japan contains levels of harmful pesticides – including aldrin, dieldrin and chlordane – that violate human health standards established by the Japanese Government, according to tests conducted by Japan’s Ministry of Health, Labor and Welfare.  Over the past two years, Norway has increased exports of minke whale products, shipping […]


Beihai clampdown leads to significant reduction in marine turtle trafficking

Illegal trade in marine turtles in Beihai has fallen dramatically following a suit of measures including a concerted enforcement clampdown, finds monitoring of the city’s markets by TRAFFIC.  Surveys this January found just 5 Hawksbill Turtle specimens concealed in a single retail outlet in Beihai. By comparison, in May 2014 TRAFFIC had found more than […]


Mexico commits $37 million to world’s smallest porpoise

The vaquita is the world’s smallest porpoise and with less than 100 remaining its future may not be certain. Living only in the Upper Sea of Cortez the porpoise is threatened by the gillnets used by fishermen to catch the totoaba fish. With just 25 breeding females in the population any more losses could be […]

sunset cup coral

England launches consultation on 23 new marine zones

The UK government has opened public consultation on the next tranche of areas proposed to become Marine Conservation Zones around the coast of England. Depending on the outcome of the consultation the new areas will be designated by the end of the year. The 23 zones will add to the initial 27 Marine Conservation Zone […]


Is Spain home to the ghost fleet?

Earlier this month three fishing trawlers illegally operating in the Antarctic were shadowed by the New Zealand navy. Because of rough seas the captain of the NZ patrol boat decided that it would be too dangerous to make a forced boarding and after almost of week of cat and mouse chases between the ice floes […]

polar bear

International protection increased for 31 species

The so called ‘Shark COP’ – or the 11th Meeting of the Conference of the Parties to the Convention on the Conservation of Migratory Species of Wild Animals (CMS) (COP11) – concluded yesterday in Quito, Ecuador. The result is that 31 species have been given greater international protection including 21 species of sharks and rays. The conference […]


Environmentalists Call for 10-Year Moratorium on Arctic Shipping Increase to Protect Endangered Beluga Whales

Environmentalists today called on the eight Arctic nations of the Arctic Council to enact a ten-year moratorium on any increase in Arctic shipping to protect endangered beluga whales from the threat of growing ship traffic in their habitat.  The moratorium will enable nations to finalize and implement the “Polar Code,” an agreement currently being negotiated […]


US campaigners call for trade ban with Mexico

US wildlife campaign group Center for Biological Diversity have formally submitted a request to the US government for a wildlife product trade ban with Mexico. The ban can be introduced by the US President under the Pelly Amendment. The group are calling for the trade sanctions to help protect the last remaining 97 vanquita porpoises. […]


Round up of IWC meeting

The meeting of the International Whaling Commission took place last week in Slovenia covered a range of topics. Here are the main highlights and outcomes of that meeting. Probably the most disappointing outcome, but also the most predictable, is the failure again to establish the South Atlantic Whale Sanctuary. To get recognition by the IWC […]

Iceland reprimanded by 35 countries over whaling

A formal diplomatic protest, known as a démarche, was today delivered to the Icelandic Government in Reykjavik. The top-level protest registered countries’ “strong opposition” to Iceland’s continued whaling, particularly of endangered fin whales. The démarche also objects to Iceland’s international trade in whale products, stating: “Fin whales and minke whales are listed under the Convention […]