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Commando tiger raid impacts rumble on

Back in June, authorities in Bangladesh received intelligence of a tiger poaching and smuggling operation based in the capital Dhaka. The authorities moved quickly calling in the special forces to raid the house and three Bengal tiger cubs were rescued. Now after investigation 9 wildlife officers and forest staff have been suspended for ‘gross negligence’ by failing to protect the tigers in their home territory of the Sundarbans. [pullquote] Sundarbans forest chief Jahiruddin Ahmed told AFP that the nine officials,  included a deputy ranger, were suspended after failing to discharge their duties  properly. “There was gross negligence in their part to protect the cubs,” he said. [/pullquote] After members of Bangladeshi’s special forces – the […]

Where’s the commitment to tiger conservation?

With international tiger forums and conferences, millions of pounds being spent on tiger breeding programmes and campaigns to combat poaching and illegal trading in tiger parts you’d think three rescued tiger cubs would be well looked after. Unfortunately it seems to be a bit of a pass the parcel game. The three 2 month old tiger cubs were rescued from a house in Dhaka, Bangladesh by a team of special forces soldiers following a tip off. Good news you would have thought. While the traders may still be on the run at least three young tigers have been rescued and cared for. Sadly, if the reports are correct, the Bangladesh […]

Commandos raid poachers den and rescue 3 tiger cubs

New has started to come through of a raid by Bangladesh’s special forces on a house used by smugglers in the illegal wildlife trade. Following the raid three tiger cubs were found and rescued. The raid by Rapid Action Battalion (RAB) commandos was on a house located in the capital Dhaka earlier today (Monday 11th June). Local television showed footage of three 2 month old Royal Bengal tiger cubs playing in a cage after the raid had successfully been completed. One person, Zakir Hossain, was arrested. “The cubs seem to be in sound health,” forest department officer Fazlul Hoque told AFP from the scene. The cubs were thought to have been in the capital for […]

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