South African Airways bans transport of hunting trophies

As South African Airways (SAA) pushes ahead to be one of the most sustainable airlines in the world the company has announced an immediate ban on the transport of hunting trophies on its passenger and cargo planes. The decision was made last week and formally announced yesterday. In January this year SAA was only the second […]

Indonesia to become safe haven for manta rays

Indonesia have announced that two enigmatic ray species – the giant manta ray and the reef manta ray – are to become protected throughout the country’s territorial waters. 2.2 million square miles of waters will be protected under the new regulations that will ban fishing for the species. Over the last 10 years the reef […]

Can Zimbabwe save its elephants?

Over the weekend the Zimbabwe government announced plans to boost protection of its wildlife. It was announced that the army will be called in to protect the reserves, more boreholes will be drilled to provide water for wildlife and the ranger service will see its numbers boosted. But the track record of Zimbabwe has not been good for wildlife […]

World’s biggest aquarium opens in Singapore

World’s biggest aquarium opens in Singapore

The world’s largest freshwater aquarium has opened to the public at the nature themed River Safari park in Singapore. The aquarium seeks to highlight the wealth of species that live in the Amazon River of South America. Exhibits include manatees that have been moved to the aquarium from their previous home at Singapore Zoo. The […]

Is Bali about to ban shark fishing?

There are hints that a new shark and manta ray sanctuary is about to be formed at Bali. Last month the underwater paradise of Raja Ampat in West Papua, Indonesia banned the fishing of sharks and rays in it’s coral reefs and set up a shark sanctuary – the first in the so called Coral […]

Tourists take priority over tigers in Uttarakhand

Conservation activists have made claims that since tiger reserves in Uttarakhand were reopened looking after tourists has become more important than looking after the tigers. While tigers are under threat of poaching tiger reserve rangers and their vehicles are tied up in buying and cooking food for the tourists. A directive by the Corbett Tiger […]

Uganda ponders wildlife cull

Uganda is concerned that recent outbreaks of both Ebola and Marburg viruses are having a negative impact on their tourism industry. Now the Tourism Ministry and Health Ministry are pondering wildlife culls in the country’s national parks to try to halt the diseases. Some tourists have already cancelled planned visits to the country after the […]

Botswana to ban hunting from next year

In order to protect its wildlife that draws thousands of people each year the President of Botswana, Ian Khama, has announced that no more hunting licenses will be issued from next year. It is hoped that by banning hunting it will be more difficult for poachers to launder their kills out of the country. Botswana has […]

As courts re-open tiger reserves Karnataka orders resorts to close

Just a few days after the Indian courts order the re-opening of the tiger reserves to tourists the state authorities of Karnataka have ordered that private resorts in and adjacent to tiger reserves should close. They will also be closing their own forest department guesthouses in the reserves. The announcement by Karnataka’s Forest Minister C P Yogeshwar […]

Wild orang-utans get stressed by ecotourists

Eco-tours are a growth market and for many communities in developing nations it produces a major contribution to the local economy. The community of Sabah, Malaysia run wild orangutan tours but is it doing these ‘wise men of the jungle’ any good? A study by an anthropologist from Indiana University, Michael P. Muehlenbein, has discovered that yes the orang-utans do get stressed out by […]

European bears avoid contact with humans

The Scandinavian brown bear is a real success story in recent times. The European brown bear was almost driven to the edge of extinction but has now bounced back. However since a fatal bear attack in 2006 public support for bears in the forests of Norway and Sweden has dropped. A 3 year study has tried to establish whether […]

How hunting is improving the lives of the poor in Namibia

For a lot of people in Africa life is tough. When you’re part of a rural community in Namibia that has traditionally been at the bottom of society then things are really tough. Extreme poverty and hunger becomes part of life. Sustainable hunting in community managed lands are turning the lives of the San group […]

New land reforms – the death of wildlife tourism in Zimbabwe?

New land reforms – the death of wildlife tourism in Zimbabwe?

Mugabe’s relaunch of the Wildlife-Based Land Reform Policy is being considered by some to be the final death knell for wildlife tourism in the country. Senior leaders of the Zanu-PF party are lining up to take advantage of the new campaign which will force white owners of conservancies and wildlife parks to hand over 51% […]

International court orders removal of troops from protected wetlands

There’s been a bit of conflict brewing in South America with a border conflict between Costa Rica and Nicaragua. It centres around the protected wetlands of Isla Calero and Nicaragua’s current dredging of the San Juan River. The International Courts of Justice (ICJ) in The Hague has ordered Nicaragua to remove it’s troops but refused […]

Volcano hit village unveils plans for ecotourism development

The village of Soran on the island of Java was covered in ash and debris following the recent eruptions of the volcano Mount Merapi. This led to a delay in plans for the village to try and alleviate poverty and poor housing conditions. Now though the village with it’s partners the Christian housing charity Habitat for Humanity […]

Our top 5 wildlife holiday destinations for 2011

It’s the start of a New Year and that means for many people we are heading into the peak holiday booking time of the year. Now is when many of the travel companies have their best deals in order to try and attract early bookings. So what are our top 5 holiday destinations for wildlife […]

Teaching dolphins to fish

Teaching dolphins to fish

A documentary on dolphins scheduled to be shown tomorrow night (3rd November 2010) on BBC2 at 8.00pm is expected to show some stunning video footage about new born dolphins including what appears to be baby dolphins being shown how to hunt for fish. The programme, The Dolphins of Shark Bay, follows a family of dolphins […]

Tiger tourism projects suspended in India

Tiger tourism projects suspended in India

Two tiger tourism projects in India have been suspended while the authorities look into the legalities of their continued operation. The projects at Periyar National Park in Kerala would have seen tourists undertaking treks in the park with rangers to experience the wealth of wildlife in the park.  The two new projects were called Tiger […]