Badger crimes surges in England and Wales over last 5 years

The number of people prosecuted for wildlife crimes against badgers has surged in the last 5 years. Back in 2007 just 30 prosecutions took place while in 2011, the last year figures are available for, the number had increased to 58. The figures were released following a written parliamentary question by Diane Abbott MP. While […]

Who says housing and wildlife can not co-exist, just the NIMBYs

Bit by bit and step by step there appears to be movement in getting homes built both within the towns and also in rural environments. More and more well planned and wildlife friendly housing estates are being built and developed and shows that only those with vested interests and NIMBY attitudes use wildlife as an […]

Is Kidderminster a hub for illegal wildlife trading?

Concerns are being raised over the activities taking place in the  Wyre Forest Glades Leisure Centre in Kidderminster this Sunday – 29th July 2012. A planned reptile and amphibian fair is to take place in direct contravention of legislation that prevents pets from being sold at market stalls. The trading of pets at market stalls was banned […]

New names for British wildlife species

  It’s often said that it’s all in a name and when you are a wildlife species without a popular or common name you can sometimes fall out of view with the public. Now 10 British species have been given a common name to go alongside their formal latin names. The new names were announced […]

Badger Trust launches appeal against High Court decision

The Badger Trust has submitted a formal appeal against the decision by the High Court last week to allow the proposed badger cull in England to go ahead. [pullquote]Culling badgers (in the hopes of reducing incidence by 12-16% after 9 years) is a costly distraction from 84% of the problem. The death toll could be […]

Badgers and Bovine TB, 3 options in the UK

The news that the High Court has ruled against the Badger Trust and pretty much  given the go ahead for the badger  cull in England is disappointing. It means that there are now  three different trials either under way or about to get underway in the United Kingdom. England is planning on shooting badgers in two […]

Badger baiter gets less than 6 months jail

In a clear demonstration on how weak punishments are to those who choose to break UK wildlife law a badger-baiter has received a 24 weeks prison sentence. Richard Alan Atkins, of Oversetts Road, Newall, Derbyshire, admitted nine charges when he appeared at Burton upon Trent Magistrates Court on Friday. He was sentenced to 24 weeks […]

Badger cull verdict awaited

The latest judicial review into the proposed plans to shoot badgers to try and control the spread of disease came to an end yesterday at the High Court in London. It’s expected that the outcome will not be known for a month or possibly more. The badger cull in England comes at a time that Wales has […]

Badger Cull fight goes to High Court

Badger Cull fight goes to High Court

Action has begun in the High Court today to try and ensure that the government’s plans for large scale slaughter of wild badgers do not go ahead. The Badger Trust is asking the court to declare the cull as illegal and unscientific.  Despite other trials over the years since large scale gassing of badgers in […]

Is the planning system really failing wildlife?

A new report by the Policy Exchange think tank has been published and the news headlines are saying that wildlife is under threat from the planning system. But is it? The first thing to remember when reading the actual report and the subsequent news stories is that in England 42% of all land is protected […]