Wildlife groups urge EU to ban ivory exports

Eighteen international environmental and conservation organisations are calling on European Union governments to halt all exports of raw ivory when the EU’s Committee on Trade in Wild Fauna and Flora meets on 10th April in Brussels. Ivory trade has expanded in the EU, making it the world’s largest exporter of so-called pre-Convention or “old” ivory. An analysis in 2014 […]

Greece faces court over turtle habitat

The European Union (EU) is to take Greece to court over the threats to turtle habitat in the country. The EU is to claim that unrestricted development around the coast of Greece is putting endangered sea turtles at risk. Of particular concern is  Kyparissia Bay in the Western Peloponnese, one of the most important nesting beaches for […]

Vultures under threat – Europe ignores Asian lessons

Europe has failed to take notice of the Asian experience with the cattle drug Diclofenac as it becomes more widely available on the continent. Used to treat animals for inflammation and other diseases vultures are unable to break down the chemical and die from renal failure. The impact of the drug was quick and devastating […]

EU wildlife trafficking consultation opens to the public

The EU has opened up a 2 month consultation period with the public and organisations interested in combatting wildlife crime and trafficking. The consultation opened today and will close  on 10 April 2014 – the day that an expert panel will be convened. The results of the panel and the consultation will form the basis […]

UKIP leads fight against stronger wildlife protection

In todays vote in the European Parliament just 14 MEP’s voted against the proposal to improve the fight against wildlife crime. Half of those 14 were British MEP’s and 6 of the 7 were United Kingdom Independence Party (UKIP) members. The 7 British MEP’s who voted against the wildlife crime resolution were: John Stuart AGNEW […]

UK cities lead Europe on climate preparations

UK cities are substantially more advanced in their planning and preparation for climate change than other European cities according to a newly published study. The study shows that 80% of UK cities have an adaption plan compare with 50% of Finnish cities and 93% of UK cities had mitigation plans as opposed to 43% of […]

Copernicus to go open souce for the public

Europe’s premier environmental monitoring system, Copernicus, is set to become a major source of free information for business, the public and statutory authorities. The European Commission has announced that from next month data from the programme is to become open source. The new open data dissemination regime will help citizens, businesses, researchers and policy makers to integrate an […]

MEPs back action on bottom-trawling in the Atlantic

MEPs in Europe on Monday backed – in part – plans to restrict bottom trawling in the North East Atlantic fisheries in order to try and boost stocks. Despite turning down the European Commission (EC) proposal to ban bottom trawling completely in the region they left the door open for a review in 4 years that could see the full proposals […]

EU action plan on seabirds begins

An action plan to reduce an estimated 200,000 sea-bird deaths a year due to the European fisheries industry has been adopted today. The new action plan will apply to EU registered fishing vessels where-ever they operate in the world and to non-EU vessels operating in EU waters. It is hoped that the new action plan […]