birdlife volunteers

Court orders police investigation into bird charity

Intense lobbying by a hunting group in Malta has led to the magistrates court ordering police to investigate international wild bird charity Birdlife. The case involves Birdlife volunteers who handled protected species after rescuing them. Police had previously investigated the case and dropped the investigation quickly. In October 2012 6 volunteers from Birdlife were photographed…

namibia desert elephants

Controversy grows as first desert elephant shot

With the world still reeling from the tragic poaching death of Satao, the iconic Kenyan tusker, news that Namibia has just followed through on killing the first of the Namibian Desert Elephants on Saturday, is causing another outcry. The Namibian Government, seemingly unfazed by the recent international outrage and negative publicity surrounding the issuing of…

two elephants

United States bans elephant trophies from Tanzania and Zimbabwe

The United States Fish and Wildlife Service (USFWS) on Friday announced a ban on the import of elephant trophies from Tanzania and Zimbabwe during the 2014 hunting season. The USFAWS has questioned whether there is sufficient monitoring of the big-game hunt and whether the number of elephant hunting permits is sustainable in the current poaching crisis.…

Could canned hunting be on the way to Kenya?

Could canned hunting be on the way to Kenya?

The new Wildlife Conservation and Management Bill 2013 currently being proposed in Kenya could in a worse case scenario introduce canned hunts similar to the canned lion hunts of South Africa. This studio debate looks at the options of game farming under the new bill. (34:12).  

King juan carlos

As poaching hits all time record WWF head goes elephant hunting

As elephants herds across Africa get decimated for the ivory trade and conservation groups call for tougher action the honorary president of World Wildlife Fund Spain – King Juan Carlos I – has gone on an elephant hunt in Botswana. His trip has caused fury across Spain mainly because of the cost at a time of extreme austerity but as head of…

african lion

To hunt or not to hunt? the finances of lions

Big game hunting has many supporters and just as many opponents. Many would be happy to see an end to trophy hunting especially the hunting and killing of big cats such as lions. In reality though the trophy hunters bring in big money to conservation and can make the difference between an area of land remaining…