Indra Kailani

Environmental groups protest over Indonesian activist murder

The London-based Environmental Investigation Agency (EIA) is one of 25 organisations to send a joint letter of protest over the murder of Indonesian activist Indra Kailani, killed in a confrontation with security staff employed by a subsidiary of Indonesia’s largest pulp and paper company. The letter, below and online at, has been sent today […]


Permitting Crime: How Palm Oil Expansion Drives Illegal Logging in Indonesia

The clear-cutting of forests to make way for oil palm plantations is driving a wave of illegal logging in Indonesia, fundamentally undermining efforts to bring much-needed reform to the nation’s forestry and timber sectors.  A new report released by the Environmental Investigation Agency (EIA), Permitting Crime: How palm oil expansion drives illegal logging in Indonesia, […]

United Nations launches emergency appeal for Sumatran elephants

The Rapid Response Facility of the United Nations Education, Scientific and Culture Organisation (UNESCO) has launched an emergency appeal to help protect the critically endangered Sumatran elephant. A significant increase in poaching of the animals in Aceh, Indonesia means that local conservation group HAkA is in urgent need of more resources. With just 500 Sumatran […]

Indonesian cop is jailed for eight years for major timber smuggling racket

Indonesian cop is jailed for eight years for major timber smuggling racket

Timber-smuggling Indonesian police officer Labora Sitorus has been jailed for eight years after a legal appeal overturned the shockingly lenient verdict handed down earlier this year by a court in West Papua. Low-ranking Sitorus was originally charged with illegal logging, fuel smuggling and money laundering but the Sorong-based officer was in February found guilty of just […]

Indonesian clerics issue Fatwa against killing endangered species

For the first time a muslim council have issued a Fatwa against the illegal trade in wildlife and illegal hunting. A fatwa is an opinion on muslim law made by a teacher or scholar in the muslim faith. The fatwa issued by the Ulema council determines that illegal hunting and wildlife trading is “unethical, immoral […]

Indonesia to become safe haven for manta rays

Indonesia have announced that two enigmatic ray species – the giant manta ray and the reef manta ray – are to become protected throughout the country’s territorial waters. 2.2 million square miles of waters will be protected under the new regulations that will ban fishing for the species. Over the last 10 years the reef […]

UK launches new programme to reduce demand for Tiger parts

The UK Government today announced its support for a programme to protect and recover wild Tigers by reducing the demand for their bones and other body parts. The commitment is part of the UK Government’s ongoing support for the Global Tiger Recovery Program (GTRP), endorsed by all 13 Tiger range countries at the ‘Tiger Summit’ […]

Major tiger traders arrested in Indonesia

Police in Aceh, Indonesia on Monday arrest 2 major players in the illegal tiger trade and wildlife smuggling. The two are thought to be behind the co-ordination of 5 tiger poaching gangs operating in the country. A number of wildlife products were seized at the time of the arrests. Sr. Comr. Joko Irwanto, director of […]

Major tiger sanctuary announced for Indonesia

Indonesia’s forestry department has announced plans for the establishment of a major tiger sanctuary for illegally trapped and captured Sumatran tigers. With just 300 individual tigers left in the wild the new plan will be a major contribution towards helping prevent the extinction of the species. The tiger sanctuary will be developed in Riau province […]

Former timber kingpin a threat to orangutans and investors

Potential investors should steer clear of a US$90 million initial public offering (IPO) in an Indonesian palm oil company due to the involvement of a former illegal logging kingpin and the potential impact on precious orangutan habitat, the London-based Environmental Investigation Agency (EIA) warned today. The company, Sawit Sumbermas Sarana (SSMS), currently holds a land […]

Orangutans prepare for their travel in advance

When it’s time to move on it seems that male orang-utans are not so impulsive but will prepare and plan their route in advance. A team of scientists studied the calls of orangutans and discovered that males will make certain calls in the direction of travel the day before they make their move. If an orang-utan decided to […]

Crack anti-corruption team turn their sights on loggers

Indonesia’s crack anti-corruption agency are set to investigate financial dealings between police officers and arrested timber trader Labora Sitorus. The trader is suspected of handing over millions of dollars to police officers at all levels as part of his illegal logging, money laundering and fuel smuggling operations. Sitorus was an Adj. First Inspector in the Indonesian police force when he […]

450000 water monitor lizards killed each year for handbags

A team of Indonesian and German researchers have recently published a comprehensive study into the current state of south-east Asia’s giant lizard populations. Despite all the species of the giant lizards having protection under CITES they are under threat from an un-controlled trade. The pet trade is the biggest threat to the giant lizards-  such as […]

The travelling dolphin circuses of Indonesia

The travelling dolphin circuses of Indonesia

Indonesia is the last bastion of one of the worst examples of treatment of dolphins in the world. It is here that the last three travelling dolphin circuses exist, despite being declared illegal by authorities. The three companies are left unchallenged by the government to transport dolphins around in unsuitable and harmful conditions despite Forestry […]

Indonesian courts orders land ownership back to tribes

In 1999 a new law was bought into effect in Indonesia which saw vast swathes of forest taken into state ownership. That law was over-ruled yesterday by the Constitutional Court and following its judicial review, the land ownership was ordered to be returned to local indigenous people. The move will have major impacts for development in […]

Is Bali about to ban shark fishing?

There are hints that a new shark and manta ray sanctuary is about to be formed at Bali. Last month the underwater paradise of Raja Ampat in West Papua, Indonesia banned the fishing of sharks and rays in it’s coral reefs and set up a shark sanctuary – the first in the so called Coral […]

Palm oil rush comes to an end in East Kalimantan

The provincial administration of East Kalimantan in Indonesia has announced that they will be issuing a moratorium on new palm oil plantations later this year. While no date has been set the administration has said that with less than half of the permitted plantations actually planted and under cultivation no new permits will be issued […]

Cautious hope for rare Indonesian macaques

Researchers are beginning to have tentative hopes that numbers of a rare black macaque of Indonesia has stopped declining and populations levels are beginning to grow again. A recent study suggests that populations of the Sulawesi black macaques are heading back to levels last seen 20 years ago. The researchers from the US and Indonesia […]