Rhino deaths soar in Etosha poaching crisis

Since the discovery of 31 rhino bodies in a week at the Etosha National Park in Namibia the number of dead rhinos have soared. While officially the number of rhino bodies discovered so far this year is 54 unofficial local sources have put the figure at 85. The new bodies have been discovered since the […]


China rejects elephant summit claims

China has rejected claims made in the pro-hunting newsletter ‘African Indaba’ that it asked questions about trading in parts of elephants including reproductive organs at the Kinsane Elephant Summit.  The claims were made by the representative of the hunting organisation CIC International Council for Game and Wildlife Conservation. The Chinese delegate, Sun Guoshun, from the […]

Photo credit to Daudi Sumba_African Wildlife Foundation_RoC ivory burn in Brazza

African-led Strategy, Action Plan to Combat Illegal Trade in Wild Fauna and Flora

Today, April 30, concludes the four-day International Conference on Illegal Trade in Wild Fauna and Flora in Africa in Brazzaville, Republic of Congo. The conference brought together regional and international stakeholders to develop an African-led strategy and action plan for combating the illegal trade in the continent’s natural resources.  The Action Plan calls on stakeholders to strengthen the institutional and legal framework for handling wildlife […]


Leaked statistics confirm scale of Tanzania’s elephant poaching crisis

In November 2014, the Environmental Investigation Agency released its report Vanishing Point, revealing how a combination of criminality and corruption in Tanzania had caused the country to lose more elephants to poaching than any other African nation.  Figures in the report made for sobering reading. According to the Government’s own figures, the elephant population in […]

richard leakey

Richard Leakey back at head of Kenya Wildlife Service

Kenya has called on the services again of Richard Leakey to combat the elephant poaching in the country. Under Presidential orders Leakey has been made chairman of the Kenya Wildlife Services and told to tackle the poaching crisis. Richard Leakey played an instrumental in combatting elephant poaching in Kenya during the 1980’s as head of […]


31 dead rhinos found in 1 week at Etosha National Park

Namibian police are carrying out an investigation after 31 rhinos were discovered dead in a week at the Etosha National Park. Details of the deaths are not yet available and it is not known if all had been killed by poachers or if some were natural deaths. The majority of the bodies were found in […]


Unofficially it’s 365 rhino killed so far in 2015

With officials figures hard to come by and a change from regular monthly reports to ‘quarterly or so’ reports its difficult to find out the current situation on rhino poaching in South Africa. Even with reports and statistics now being published on a quarterly basis the South African government is still finding excuses not to […]

angelina jolie

A love of elephants is not enough for film funders

The much-vaunted film of Richard Leakey that is set to be made by Angelina Jolie may not get off the ground. One of the major funders has decided that the love of elephants is not enough to make the film a success and the film should become a love story. Film funders Skydance Productions are […]


UK to provide extra £3 million to tackle wildlife trade

 Justine Greening MP, International Development Secretary, has announced a new £3 million boost to funds to tackle wildlife poaching and trading. The announcement was made during the wildlife trade conference in Botswana. The funding will be used to help communities affected by illegal poaching to find new ways of producing income from wildlife conservation. Justine […]


Poachers buy Kaziranga forest guards for £1,000

The arrest of a poacher last week in Nagaland, India reveals that forest guards are being bought for just over £1000 in order to allow poachers to kill rhinos in the national park. Information from the accused poacher, Bhagirath Jamal, revealed that forest guards were being bought of 1 lakh rupees (approx. £1,075) for help […]


Elephant populations decline again in 2014

Official figures from the CITES Monitoring the Illegal Killing of Elephants (MIKE) programme show that in 2014 there was no change in the killing of elephants on 2013. This means that for a another year the killing of elephants has exceeded natural birth rates and populations are falling. While the figures show a decline on […]

kenya ivory burn

Kenya leads the way as UK and Tanzania lag behind

Today’s burning of 15 tons of ivory and tusks by Kenya has shown the way for other African countries who want to make a stand against elephant poaching. At the burn in Nairobi National Park, President Uhuru Kenyatta committed to burning the remain stockpile of Kenya by the end of this year. Before the 15 […]


Virunga cleared of rebels claim

An unnamed official at the United Nations has claimed that the Virunga National Park has finally been cleared of rebel forces. The UN military adviser supported the claims of the DR Congo government that its army has retaken control of vast areas of the park following a weekend offensive. Joint operations by the United Nations […]

Sunda Pangolin

Rescued pangolins sold to restaurants

When police from the northern province of Vietnam intercepted poachers and rescued 42 pangolins it might be safe to assume that eventually those pangolins would be released back into the wild. However once the pangolins were handed over to forest officials the officials decided to sell them to local restaurants. Conservationists from Education for Nature-Vietnam […]


Special forces set for Kaziranga National Park

Not so long ago the rhinos of Kaziranga National Park had to rely on rangers equipped with little more than a shot gun or wooden staff for protection. It was only a few years ago the rangers were lucky to have boots to wear for patrols. Soon though that will all change as an application […]