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D R Congo bans Traditional Chinese Medicine

The Democratic Republic of Congo has banned Chinese hospitals and practitioners of Traditional Chinese Medicine. While the ban has been made due to ‘non-compliance with local health regulations’ the move will certainly help endangered species across the world. With China increasing its presence and influence in Africa there are increasing numbers of Chinese national operating […]

India launches specialist team to protect sloth bears

After a recent surge in poaching of sloth bears the Indian state of Madhya Pradesh has set up a special investigation team to track down the poachers and traders involved. The team has been drawn from specialists at the Forestry Department. It follows on from the discovery of sloth bear carcases found across the state […]

109 King Cobras seized in one day in Vietnam

Authorities in Vietnam undertook 2 operations on Friday which resulted in the seizure of 109 King Cobras. 53 were found in a sack in a car being driven in Hanoi and 56 were seized in Hoang Mai District. The world’s most verminous snake which grows up to 18 feet in length is also sadly sought for […]

Rhino poaching soars as South Africa ponders legalising trade

Figures release by the South African government has shown that rhino poaching has soared in the first 6 months of 2012.  281 rhino has so far been killed by poachers with the Kruger National Park bearing the greatest losses at 164. The Department of Environmental Affairs released the figures earlier today and it’s led  to projections […]

Chinese police on the hunt for bear poachers

When Chinese wildlife blogger, Hu Donglin, heard that there were remains of bears in the hills and forests of Jilin Province in China he decided to head out and look for evidence. After posting photographs of the remains on his microblog at Sina Weibo local authorities have begun an investigation. A team from the local police and Changbai […]

The wacky world of HIV and gecko spit

The poor old Tokay lizard has yet another problem to deal with. It would appear that the latest crazy wonder drug is an enzyme from it’s saliva that is reputed to be able to cure HIV. Such magical properties has seen the value of a Tokay gecko in the Asian countries go so high that […]

Vietnam cracks down on bear bile tourism

Collecting bear bile seems to be a rather strange way to spend your holidays but for some tourists that visit Vietnam it is an attraction. The tourists involved in the questionable activity tend to be from Korea and stay at Ha Long city tourist resorts.

CAN$100,000 fine for orchid importer

For the first time in Canada an importer has been fined a six figure sum for the importation of endangered orchid species. The species, Dendrobium, is commonly used in the traditional Chinese medicine market and the importer Sun 2006 Import and Export Ltd was a wholesaler to the market.

The tiger countdown begins

The tiger countdown begins

It’s a big weekend for tigers as people from across the world start to converge on St Petersburg for the International Tiger Summit. Will this meeting of politicians, conservationists and lobbyists be able to turn around the declining numbers of tigers and start to rebuild populations in the 13 countries which currently have wild tigers […]

Manta rays ruled the night

The Natural World on BBC2 tonight was fascinating – an entire programme dedicated to those enigmatic fish the manta rays. the programme followed the research of biologist Andrea Marshell and featured not just the reef mantas but also enormous giant mantas of the Indian Ocean. At 7.5 metres the giant manta had to be the […]