brazil farmer

Brazils farmers receive a boost

At a time of ever increasing world food prices it’s good news to see that a near 50 year old law in Brazil that restricts farmers ability to grow food has passed the first stage of being updated. If the bill passes the next stage small farmers in the country will be able to boost…

dr congo map

The future of DR Congo forests mapped

A new interactive map that plots the land use of DR Congo’s forested lands is now online. Anyone can take a look at the map and find out where the logging concessions are, which parts are protected, the nationality of the logging companies with permits and a whole host of other information.

illegal timber

EU strengthens action on illegal timber trade

The European Parliament has voted to ban illegally logged timber from all it’s territories – the action is expected to be ratified after the summer break and come into force in about 2 years. The new legislation will force timber traders to operate¬† ‘due diligence’ and keep records of the source of the timber that…


Borneo: home of unique endemic species

Where do you find a dart firing slug, a frog with no lungs and the longest stick insect in the world? The answer is deep in the heart of Borneo. In the three years that the Heart of Borneo conservation project has been operating an amazing 123 species new species have been discovered. In the…