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Badger baiting rises in England and Wales but convictions drop.

DNA breakthrough sends badger baiters to jail

Three badger baiters from Rotherham have been sent to prison for 12 weeks after DNA forensic evidence was used for the first time. The RSPCA used the skills of the Scottish Government Science and Advice Service for Scottish Agriculture (SASA) to place the men at the scene of the crime. Antonio Miguel Alonso-Brown. aged 24, of Shelley Drive, Herringthorpe, Nathan Swift, 20, of Hague Avenue, Rawmarsh and his brother Liam, aged 24, of the same address, all in Rotherham, were caught by police near a badger sett off St John’s Road, Unstone, Derbyshire as they tried to flee. Behind them they had left a badger with a smashed in skull […]

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England launches consultation on 23 new marine zones

The UK government has opened public consultation on the next tranche of areas proposed to become Marine Conservation Zones around the coast of England. Depending on the outcome of the consultation the new areas will be designated by the end of the year. The 23 zones will add to the initial 27 Marine Conservation Zone that were designated in November 2013. A third tranche of zones will follow to ensure that England meets its requirements under EU regulations to ensure  Good Environmental Status (GES) in their seas by 2020. The total area of the 23 proposed zone is 10,810 square kilometres which is larger than the first tranche of 27 Marine […]


Is Lush Cosmetics celebrating environmental crimes?

Lush Cosmetics have been effective at portraying themselves as a green and ethical company. But even those companies that guard their reputations make the occasional blunder. So it seems with Lush Cosmetics. Their new sandalwood inspired perfumes is called Smugglers Soul. The perfume is inspired by Indian Sandalwood and would appear to be just another perfume… until you take a closer look at the packaging. There clearly displayed on the label is a picture of notorious Indian poacher Veerappan. The story that goes with the perfume is even more explicit with Veerappan holing up his gun that he used to use to kill elephants and the story of the sandalwood […]

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There should be no cull of wild boar because of one fatal conflict

Despite the tragic death of a motorist who collided with a wild boar near Swindon there should be no widespread cull of the animal. A number of wildlife, conservationists and rural organisations are calling for a large cull of the animals because of the damage they do and the fatality has given them the opportunity to press hard for the action. As tragic as the death is the impact of wild boar on the countryside is minimal and the current calls for culling is not justifiable. When you have wild animals and humans living in close contact there will always be conflicts – including the occasional death. But in the […]

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Cumbrian zoo and owner fined for bird escapes

A zoo in Cumbria and its owner has been fined by magistrates courts for allowing Sacred Ibis birds to escape. They were convicted under the Wildlife and Countryside Act 1981 Sec. 14(1). The Sacred Ibis is an exotic bird species that is a known risk to UK bird populations if it becomes established in the wild. The South Lakes Wild Animal Park Ltd (SLWAP) of Dalton-in-Furness, and its owner David Stanley Gill, 53yrs, were both convicted of three counts of allow the bird to fly freely outside the park. The zoo was fined £5000 plus £370 costs and David Gill was fined £2000 plus £870 costs. The case arises from a series […]

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Wild Uncovered – Exciting talent supporting conservation in the heart of London

An exciting new exhibition from talented young wildlife artists Emily Lamb, David Filer and Simon Max Bannister opened in London on Tuesday evening (November 11). Showcasing the extraordinary work of three exceptional artists Wild Uncovered excited and delighted at the private preview at The Old Truman Brewery in Shoreditch.  From the splintered simplicity of Simon Max Bannister’s recycled sculptures, the dramatic softness of David Filer’s graphite portraits to the explosive mixed media of Emily Lamb’s canvasses the show is designed to inspire and raise vital funds for conservation.  It runs until 7pm on Saturday November 15 with 50% of sales supporting the David Shepherd Wildlife Foundation’s conservation projects. You can view the online […]


Four leopard skins seized in Burnley, UK

National Wildlife Crime Unit officers and local police from Lancashire have seized a range of illegal wildlife products including 4 leopard skins from a house in Burnley. The search was undertaken on 23rd October and a 23-year-old man later handed himself into a local police station. During the search of the house a range of endangered wildlife items were discovered including: four Leopard skins, a Jaguar skull, a Sperm whale tooth and two stuffed Snowy owls The items seized are protected by international laws and are included on the Appendix A list of the Control in Endangered Species Enforcement Regulations 1997. Officers are now continuing with their enquiries and looking […]


First ivory trading prosecution for UK auction houses

The first prosecution of an auctioneer in the UK for selling illegal ivory has taken place. The prosecution of Chiswick Auctions resulted in a fine of £3,200. The ivory carving came from an elephant killed during the 1960s and was therefore illegal to sell. The piece of carved ivory was discovered by Wildlife Crime Unit and Arts and Antiques unit officers during an on-going operation against modern ivory sales in London. The piece was seized during a search of trade stands at the Portobello Market. The tusk was carved as a train of elephants. During investigations the tusk was tracked back to Chiswick Auctions who sold the carving in 2010 as ‘old ivory’. […]


Gamekeeper guilty of killing 11 birds of prey

A gamekeeper at a Norfolk shooting estate has been found guilty by magistrates of killing 11 birds of prey and possessing pesticides used to make poisoned baits for the birds.  Allen Lambert, 65, has also pleaded guilty at a previous hearing to 5 charges of illegal storage and use of pesticides and possession of 9 dead buzzards. Lambert has worked for the Stody estate in Norfolk who operates the land as a shooting estate. Lamert was found guilty on Wednesday at Norwich Magistrates’ Court and will return there on 6th November for sentencing. The charges he was found guilty of included the killing 10 buzzards and a sparrowhawk and possession of associated pesticides […]

Network for Animals slammed by South African animal welfare organisation

British wildlife charity, Network for Animals, has been rebuked by the National Council of SPCAs (NSPCA) for publishing misleading information on their website and fundraising campaign which could undermine a major elephant cruelty prosecution and have also been accused of trying to raise funds with claims of involvement in the case when they have played no role in the prosecution. The National Council of SPCAs (NSPCA) have been in contact with the Network for Animals previously in order to get the information corrected but no action has been taken to correct the information. In order to correct the situation the National Council of SPCAs (NSPCA) has now published an open letter to […]

The most exciting wildlife art competition in the UK opens for entries on Monday 1st September.

The most exciting wildlife art competition in the UK opens for entries on Monday 1st September. Now in its 8th year, this well-established competition continues to attract some of the best wildlife artists in the world both professional and amateur and gives a fantastic platform for emerging young artists with its Young & Wild category. Nine categories to suit all styles, a £10,000 prize purse, a week-long exhibition at the Mall Galleries in London and all profits donated to support wildlife conservation make up an irresistible palette of prizes. Entry is open from Monday September 1st to February 13th 2015. For more information and entry forms (online and postal) see: […]

UK rejects claims of funding ivory stockpiles

The Foreign Office has rejected claims made by Tanzanian officials, including ministers, and reported in the media that the UK was to fund the storage costs of Tanzania’s ivory stockpile for 10 years. The information from the Africa Desk confirms that the UK will fund an inventory of Tanzania’s stockpile but will not be funding any treatment of the tusks or any storage costs of the estimated 120 tonne stockpile. This is at odds with some claims made publically by Tanzanian officials that the UK tax-payer would meet the costs of storage for 10 years ‘while a study is undertaken to determine the impact of poaching on the elephant population’. […]

Conserve living elephants don’t preserve the dead

It is the final fight to save elephants in the wild. Countries around the world are becoming more aware of the role that ivory stockpiles play in fuelling poaching and the deaths of elephants. Over the last 12 months countries have stepped up to the mark and destroyed or are destroying their ivory stockpiles to take the tusks of dead elephants out of the market place for good. Even China and Hong Kong, the two major destination countries of tusks have started to destroy their stocks. Other countries, in particular the United States, have gone further and introduced legislation that has effectively shut down the ivory trade in their borders […]

British turtles are booming

It may take more than a day trip to the coast to see the booming turtle population but the numbers of green turtles on British dependency Ascension Island are booming. The latest survey shows that turtle numbers on the main beaches now total 24,000 nests – an increase of 500% since records began in the 1970’s The increase means that the beaches around the Ascension Island are now the second largest breeding population in the Atlantic Ocean. The future could be even brighter for the turtles and other wildlife as the governor signed in to existence 7 new nature reserves yesterday (28th July 2014) which included 3 main green turtle […]

Controversial bee project buzzing with success

A bee re-introduction plan in Kent which led to outrage in Sweden appears to be working as researchers discover workers in the fields – a sure sign of the queen bees having bred. There has been a number of failed attempts at reintroducing the short-haired bumblebee to Kent in this year it may have finally been successful. It appears that it has been no easy task for the team to bring back the short-haired bumble bee to Dungeness and the Romney Marshes with attempts to introduce the species from New Zealand failing and at least two previous attempts to introduce queen bees from Sweden also having failed. However 2014 appears to […]

Crop spraying connected to treatment resistant fungal lung disease

A UK based study by scientists from Manchester University and Radboud University have made a connection between crop-spraying and resistant Aspergillus infection in lungs of people. The study compared the aspergillus fungus in people from North Yorkshire where fungicides are sprayed on to crops with aspergillus found in inner-city Manchester and away from crop-spraying. The researchers found that 1.7% of the fungi samples taken from North Yorkshire were resistant to current treatments while no samples taken from Manchester were found to be drug-resistant. The aspergillus fungi is a common fungus found in the air, soil and water. However for some people it is a deadly condition if it gets into the […]

Can elephants survive British diplomacy?

Can elephants survive British diplomacy?

The recent article we published about Britain stepping in to help Tanzania to store and preserve its vast ivory and tusk stockpile has generated a lot of traffic and discussion. We even had a tweet from the Africa Minister, Mark Simmons, highlighting that the UK is against illegal wildlife trading and our article was wrong to suggest that Britain is supporting poaching with its aid to Tanzania. While we don’t know the full details of the deal struck with Tanzania – and we wait with anticipation over the publication of that deal – what we do know is the extent to which Tanzania has changed its stance on the ivory […]

Britain steps in to stop Tanzania destroying its ivory stocks

Just as Tanzania seemed to be heading towards destroying its 112 tonnes of seized tusks and ivory it appears that the British government has stepped in to stop it from happening. As countries around the world are stepping up to show their disapproval for the elephant poaching epidemic the UK seems intent on supporting it. It is reported that during his 2 day visit to Tanzania the UK Minister for Africa Mark Simmonds on Wednesday evening assured the Tanzanian government that the UK would help it to maintain and store the vast ivory stockpile. This is despite a growing and popular campaign within Tanzania to see the stocks destroyed. It […]

Ricky Gervais supports Metropolitan Police’s call for Londoners to donate unwanted wildlife products

The Metropolitan Police Service Wildlife Crime Unit, in partnership with animal welfare and conservation NGOs, has announced a call for Londoners to donate items made from elephant ivory and other wildlife products from endangered species. The call for donations will run across London police stations until the end of the month and is supported by actor Ricky Gervais . “This is an opportunity for Londoners to show their support and to protect animals from the illegal wildlife trade by giving away any unwanted items made from endangered species such as elephants, tigers and rhinos,” says Ricky Gervais , an active animal supporter. DC Sarah Bailey, Metropolitan Police Wildlife Crime Unit, […]

End of an era as BBC plan to dumb down wildlife documentaries

For the last 30 years or so nature lovers across the world have been spoiled by the BBC and its high quality nature programming. All that is now to change as the BBC gets set to ‘dumb down’ its nature programming moving away from science and facts towards populist hyperbole and emotional anthropomorphism. In a piece in todays Daily Telegraph the BBC has confirmed that the scientific and factual approach of wildlife programming that led to the BBC dominating nature documentary production with global admiration is to come to an end. The head of the corporation’s Natural History unit, Wendy Darke, said in the piece that the BBC will not […]

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