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elephant foot

UK makes another mockery of CITES trade agreement

The day after a court laughed at the seriousness of trading in endangered tiger parts by issuing a community service order to a tiger parts trader the police in the UK have joined in the mockery by giving a caution to an elephant feet trader. A 47-year-old man from the Waltham Forest area has been given […]


British tiger parts trader gets 120 hours community service

The British courts have again shown contempt for endangered species as a tiger parts trader – Catherine Emberton 29yrs, of Gleadless Road, Sheffield – was given a 120 hour community service order and forced to pay a £60 victim surcharge. Emberton had an international market via ebay in selling her jewellery that contained tiger claws and […]


165 critically endangered geckos seized at Heathrow

Border Force officers have intercepted an attempt to import 165 critically endangered turquoise dwarf geckos from Tanzania. The geckos was found last month within a larger consignment containing other species such as  chameleons, scorpions and frogs. Turquoise dwarf geckos are critically endangered and are protected under the Convention on International Trade in Endangered Species (CITES). They […]


UK to provide extra £3 million to tackle wildlife trade

 Justine Greening MP, International Development Secretary, has announced a new £3 million boost to funds to tackle wildlife poaching and trading. The announcement was made during the wildlife trade conference in Botswana. The funding will be used to help communities affected by illegal poaching to find new ways of producing income from wildlife conservation. Justine […]

KFC joins McDonalds in helping hedgehogs

KFC joins McDonalds in helping hedgehogs

From today you may notice a slight difference to the lids of Kentucky Fried Chicken Krushems milkshake. The hole at the top is smaller to help prevent hedgehogs getting their heads trapped. Of course the best way to stop hedgehogs being killed by litter is not to throw it away in the first place but […]


Marine wildlife gets boost from budget

There is no extra money and enforcement costs will have to be met from already stretched Royal Navy budgets but in his last budget of this parliament George Osborne has created the world’s largest marine reserve. 322,000 sq miles of remote and pristine ocean around the Pitcairn Island are to be designated as a marine […]


Bees prefer road-side snacks

A new study from Plymouth University seems to show that bumble bees would rather dodge the traffic when foraging on hedges than pop over the other side for a peaceful snack in a field. After study hedgerows at 30 locations in Devon and Cornwall the researchers concluded that road-facing hedges offered more resources to bees […]

Badger baiting rises in England and Wales but convictions drop.

DNA breakthrough sends badger baiters to jail

Three badger baiters from Rotherham have been sent to prison for 12 weeks after DNA forensic evidence was used for the first time. The RSPCA used the skills of the Scottish Government Science and Advice Service for Scottish Agriculture (SASA) to place the men at the scene of the crime. Antonio Miguel Alonso-Brown. aged 24, […]

sunset cup coral

England launches consultation on 23 new marine zones

The UK government has opened public consultation on the next tranche of areas proposed to become Marine Conservation Zones around the coast of England. Depending on the outcome of the consultation the new areas will be designated by the end of the year. The 23 zones will add to the initial 27 Marine Conservation Zone […]


Is Lush Cosmetics celebrating environmental crimes?

Lush Cosmetics have been effective at portraying themselves as a green and ethical company. But even those companies that guard their reputations make the occasional blunder. So it seems with Lush Cosmetics. Their new sandalwood inspired perfumes is called Smugglers Soul. The perfume is inspired by Indian Sandalwood and would appear to be just another […]

sacred ibis

Cumbrian zoo and owner fined for bird escapes

A zoo in Cumbria and its owner has been fined by magistrates courts for allowing Sacred Ibis birds to escape. They were convicted under the Wildlife and Countryside Act 1981 Sec. 14(1). The Sacred Ibis is an exotic bird species that is a known risk to UK bird populations if it becomes established in the […]

Smaller kudu

Wild Uncovered – Exciting talent supporting conservation in the heart of London

An exciting new exhibition from talented young wildlife artists Emily Lamb, David Filer and Simon Max Bannister opened in London on Tuesday evening (November 11). Showcasing the extraordinary work of three exceptional artists Wild Uncovered excited and delighted at the private preview at The Old Truman Brewery in Shoreditch.  From the splintered simplicity of Simon Max Bannister’s […]


Four leopard skins seized in Burnley, UK

National Wildlife Crime Unit officers and local police from Lancashire have seized a range of illegal wildlife products including 4 leopard skins from a house in Burnley. The search was undertaken on 23rd October and a 23-year-old man later handed himself into a local police station. During the search of the house a range of […]


First ivory trading prosecution for UK auction houses

The first prosecution of an auctioneer in the UK for selling illegal ivory has taken place. The prosecution of Chiswick Auctions resulted in a fine of £3,200. The ivory carving came from an elephant killed during the 1960s and was therefore illegal to sell. The piece of carved ivory was discovered by Wildlife Crime Unit and […]


Gamekeeper guilty of killing 11 birds of prey

A gamekeeper at a Norfolk shooting estate has been found guilty by magistrates of killing 11 birds of prey and possessing pesticides used to make poisoned baits for the birds.  Allen Lambert, 65, has also pleaded guilty at a previous hearing to 5 charges of illegal storage and use of pesticides and possession of 9 dead buzzards. […]

Network for Animals slammed by South African animal welfare organisation

British wildlife charity, Network for Animals, has been rebuked by the National Council of SPCAs (NSPCA) for publishing misleading information on their website and fundraising campaign which could undermine a major elephant cruelty prosecution and have also been accused of trying to raise funds with claims of involvement in the case when they have played no role […]

UK rejects claims of funding ivory stockpiles

The Foreign Office has rejected claims made by Tanzanian officials, including ministers, and reported in the media that the UK was to fund the storage costs of Tanzania’s ivory stockpile for 10 years. The information from the Africa Desk confirms that the UK will fund an inventory of Tanzania’s stockpile but will not be funding […]

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