Fish buyers urged to reject seafood caught by icelandic whalers

A coalition of animal welfare and conservation groups has launched a new online ad campaign to coincide with the 2015 Seafood Exposition Global and Seafood Processing Global convention in Brussels this week, advising consumers and major seafood buyers to be aware of fish “tainted by the blood of whales”.  Among exhibitors at the Seafood Expo […]

beakes whael - EIA

Whale & dolphin meat samples tested in japan exceed safe mercury limits

The Government of Japan and the country’s largest online marketplace for whale and dolphin meat have been urged to stop turning a blind eye to consumer health after the latest analysis revealed unsafe mercury contamination in 100 per cent of samples tested. The Environmental Investigation Agency (EIA) tested 13 products purchased from Yahoo! Japan – […]


2.9 million whales slaughtered in 100 years

The first estimate of the number of whales killed during the 2oth century is set to be published in the next edition of Marine Fisheries Review. Researchers hunted through the records and found that between 1900 and 1999 a total of 2.9 million whales were killed. The scale of modern industrial whaling that took hold […]


Norway’s whale meat breaches Japan’s health standards

Whale meat shipped from Norway to Japan contains levels of harmful pesticides – including aldrin, dieldrin and chlordane – that violate human health standards established by the Japanese Government, according to tests conducted by Japan’s Ministry of Health, Labor and Welfare.  Over the past two years, Norway has increased exports of minke whale products, shipping […]


Environmentalists Call for 10-Year Moratorium on Arctic Shipping Increase to Protect Endangered Beluga Whales

Environmentalists today called on the eight Arctic nations of the Arctic Council to enact a ten-year moratorium on any increase in Arctic shipping to protect endangered beluga whales from the threat of growing ship traffic in their habitat.  The moratorium will enable nations to finalize and implement the “Polar Code,” an agreement currently being negotiated […]


Round up of IWC meeting

The meeting of the International Whaling Commission took place last week in Slovenia covered a range of topics. Here are the main highlights and outcomes of that meeting. Probably the most disappointing outcome, but also the most predictable, is the failure again to establish the South Atlantic Whale Sanctuary. To get recognition by the IWC […]

Iceland reprimanded by 35 countries over whaling

A formal diplomatic protest, known as a démarche, was today delivered to the Icelandic Government in Reykjavik. The top-level protest registered countries’ “strong opposition” to Iceland’s continued whaling, particularly of endangered fin whales. The démarche also objects to Iceland’s international trade in whale products, stating: “Fin whales and minke whales are listed under the Convention […]

New report on whaling released as IWC prepares to meet in Slovenia

A new report today calls for the international community and vested commercial interests to take tough action to end Iceland’s ongoing slaughter of endangered fin whales. Slayed in Iceland: The commercial hunting and international trade in endangered fin whales has been jointly released by the Environmental Investigation Agency (EIA), Animal Welfare Institute (AWI) and Whale […]

Oil or smoke – what’s killing the whales and dolphins of Ghana?

Over the last few years the number of whales and dolphins that are dying along the coast of Ghana have increased. Locals claim that deaths started to happen following oil drilling in the region while the country’s Environment Protection Agency (EPA) is claiming that local are killing the creatures and smoking them for sale as fish. […]

Iceland kills first fin whale of the season

Conservation groups are calling on the International Whaling Commission (IWC) and its member governments to condemn Iceland’s commercial whale hunt following confirmation that the Icelandic whaling company Hvalur hf has killed yet another endangered fin whale. The whale was killed off Iceland’s west coast and landed today at the company’s processing station in Hvalfjörður, less […]

Norwegian minister pledges to push whale meat sales in Japan

Elisabeth Aspaker, Norway’s fisheries minister, has said that she will push for greater sales of whale meat caught by Norwegian whalers into Japan’s markets. She made the promise in an interview on Norway’s NRK TV channel. This is despite Japan having stockpiles of whale meat that people do not want to buy. The minister said, […]

Japan cuts Pacific whale quota by 45%

Japan has stated that the annual whale quota from the North Pacific whale hunt is to be cut by 45% – from 380 whales to 210. The start of the whaling hunt will also be delayed for 4 days so that the sailing of the whaling fleet does not clash with the visit of US […]

Will Japan return to whaling in 2015?

Papers filed by Japan’s  Institute of Cetacean Research against the Sea Shepherd organisation in the US courts yesterday (Friday 11th April) indicated that Japan may be returning to the Antarctic for whaling in 2015. This would mean that Japan is set to redesign its JARPA II programme to abide by the decision of the International […]

Japanese internet giant bans whale product sales

Internet retail giant Rakuten has announced it is terminating sales of whale products through its Japanese marketplace Rakuten Ichiba and has given merchants 30 days to remove them.  The move came after the Environmental Investigation Agency (EIA), in conjunction with Humane Society International (HSI), launched the report Blood e-Commerce on March 18 exposing Rakuten as […]

Rakuten named as biggest online market for ivory and whale meat

Japanese online retailer Rakuten – who owns Play.com in the UK – has been named as the operator of the world’s biggest marketplace for elephant ivory and whale meat. The naming comes on the release of a new report by the Environment Investigation Agency (EIA) called “Blood e-Commerce: Rakuten’s profits from the slaughter of elephants […]

Humpback whale singing affected by seismic surveys

A study of singing humpback whales off the coast of Northern Angola has shown that singing during the breeding season is reduced in the presence of noise from seismic surveying. This reduced singing can have a negative impact on the breeding displays of the whales. The study was carried out between March and December 2008. […]

Icelandic whalers find route to market via Canada

After being thrown out of European ports the Icelandic whalers have found a route to their Japanese markets via ports and rail in Canada. A shipment of fin whales meat has been transported across Canada. The fin whale meat arrived in Halifax in the last week of January and was then shipped across the country […]

Iceland signs death warrants of 770 endangered fin whales

Last Friday the Icelandic government quietly signed off the quota of whales to be killed over the next five years. The total includes 770 endangered fin whales and 1145 minke whales. Despite Iceland’s only whaling company having increasing difficulty in finding a market for whale meat the government has decided to continue to issue annual […]