Electrifying Africa: The Power Beneath

A geothermal revolution is set to electrify Africa. Tom Heap visits the Rift Valley in Kenya, a potential source of abundant energy to find out if promises to light up even the remotest parts of the continent are going to come true.

Tom enters Hell’s Gate National Park to meet the engineers harnessing the power of hot steam trapped beneath the crust, and heads north to the Menengai Crater to find geologists prospecting for power.

Back in Nairobi Tom meets businessmen and shopkeepers held back by a lack of readily available electricity and visits the poor neighbourhood of Kibera to find out how power and light can transform the lives of all Africans living with limited electricity.

This week’s programme is produced in conjunction with BBC Newsnight and BBC World’s ‘Our World’ programme. To watch the films made to accompany the programme visit the Newsnight and Our World websites.

Presenter: Tom Heap
Producer: Martin Poyntz-Roberts.

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