Tony’s Farm

When Anna Jones was growing up, the air was clean and the grass was lush. She lived on a farm in Shropshire, and phrases such as ‘greenhouse gas emissions’ and carbon footprints were associated with towns and cities – factories, cars and aerosols. Not anymore. We now know that 10% of the UK’s greenhouse emissions come from farms, and there is a concerted effort to encourage farmers to reduce their carbon footprint. But in a world where the idea of stewardship has only recently taken hold, how do you communicate the importance of carbon emissions to a farmer? Anna starts with her father, Tony, first.
The programme also features contributions from two other farmers – Ian Pigott and Rob Richmond, one arable, one dairy – who have both changed their ways; and Becky Willson, project officer with the Farm Carbon Cutting Toolkit, travels to Tony Jones’ Shropshire farm to measure his carbon footprint.

Producer: Miles Warde.

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