Derbyshire Wildlife Trust Invites Michael Gove to visit Badger Vaccination Project

Our badger vaccination programme has been running since 2013 when public outrage at the badger cull resulted in £54,000 being donated to the Trust by the general public. The first round of badger vaccinations taking place in June 2014. Since then the Trust’s vaccination project has shown the following results:

  • The cost of vaccinating one badger is approximately £82 compared to over £6,000 to shoot one badger as part of the cull.
  • Become the largest vaccination programme now in the UK and is recognised as leading the field nationally on badger vaccination.
  • Vaccinated 286 badgers across Derbyshire, predominantly in the Edale valley in the North since the vaccination programme began in 2014 (no badgers were vaccinated in 2016 as there was no vaccine available).
  • Vaccinated over 30 km2 of land predominantly in North Derbyshire where 25 landowners are signed up to the project.
  • This new programme will increase our area of vaccination from 29 km2 to nearly 90 km2.
  • Worked with over 80 dedicated volunteers to help deliver the programme.
  • Has 8 trained lay vaccinators who can legally vaccinate badgers.

We have just recently announced that the badger vaccination programme is now able to continue for another 4 years.

This has been made possible thanks to generous funding from several sources, £80,000 from National Trust, £4,000 from the High Peak Derbyshire Badger Group, £40,000 from Derbyshire Wildlife Trust itself, all topped up by £181,906.76 funding from the Department for Environment, Food and Rural Affairs (DEFRA) which has just been confirmed. 

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