Wildlife Trusts respond to government expansion of the badger call

Defra has announced a consultation on the expansion of the badger cull to new counties, including Hampshire.

The Wildlife Trusts are wholly opposed to the badger cull, and have been campaigning for many years for an end to the cull.

A Hampshire & Isle of Wight Wildlife Trust spokesperson said: “We’re very disappointed to see that Defra is continuing the roll out of badger culling across the country, and that we might soon see culling in Hampshire for the first time.

“The scientific evidence demonstrates that culling is likely to be ineffective in fighting the disease and worse still, it risks exacerbating the problem by disturbing badgers and causing them to roam further, potentially spreading the disease more quickly. It is particularly alarming that Defra have not collected any data at all regarding Tb infection within the badger population, since culling was reintroduced, despite killing thousands of badgers to date.

“We at the Wildlife Trusts are opposed to the badger cull, and do not permit culling on our land. It is not the answer for badgers or farmers, and we’re calling on the government to focus on a more durable, comprehensive and effective strategy to reduce bovine TB.”

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