42: #42 Birdfair 2018

This week, I visited the BirdFair at Rutland Water, a nature reserve and site of special scientific interest, and went for an evening birdwalk on a farm across the county border in Leicestershire. In the first part of this episode I speak about the talks I attended at the Bird Fair. I really enjoyed them and will provide the links below for the speakers. In the second half of the episode I recorded an evening birdwalk at Rectory Farm.

Links for this episode:

The Bird Fair

Twitter: @TheBirdfair

Website: https://birdfair.org.uk


Simon King

Twitter: @TVsSimonKing

www: simonkingwildlife.com


David Lindo

Twitter: @urbanbirder

www: theurbanbirderworld.com


Kate Bradbury

Twitter: @Kate_Bradbury

www: bloomsbury.com/uk/the-bumbleb…


James Lowen

Twitter: @JLowenWildlife

www: jameslowen.com


Butterfly Brothers

website: the-butterfly-brothers





Eyebrook Wild Bird Feeds



I couldn’t find links for Tim Melling or Helen Bryon, who both gave talks on birding holidays. Tim also works for the RSPB.


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