The Wolf is Back!

Wolves were hunted out of many European countries over a century ago. In recent years they’ve been migrating back naturally and have now reached every country in continental Europe. Not everyone is happy – while their preferred food source is said to be deer and wild boar the killing of sheep and goats has angered many farmers. Tom Heap travels to the French Alps, meeting farmers to see if its possible to rear livestock alongside a wolf population and hears about projects to help – including an innovative scheme where volunteers camp out to protect the sheep. Tom’s taken his own camping gear in the hope of getting closer to these creatures and hearing or possibly seeing them.
He also travels to the Netherlands. Even here, they’ve had sightings of wolves since 2015, so he’s going tracking in one of the areas they’ve been spotted – hoping for a sighting or a sign. Tracks or scat can give important evidence and may help indicate if the wolves have now settled here. How will the first resident female wolf – or eventually pack – for 140 years change life for the Dutch? Join him as they wait for important news.

Producer: Anne-Marie Bullock

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