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Agreement holders’ information: Countryside Stewardship

New applicants should read the main Countryside Stewardship (CS) page for current guidance.


Capital claims

You can submit a capital claim to RPA at any time of year. However, this must be after the capital works are finished and you have paid for them.

Revenue claims

You must submit a revenue claim for payment each year of your agreement. The Rural Payments Agency (RPA) will make one full payment for annual revenue claims. We’ll let you know when revenue claims for 2020 open.

For more information about capital and revenue claims read the relevant scheme manual or Online claims for Countryside Stewardship.


Find the form you need in the CS forms collection.


Contact the Rural Payments Agency if you have any queries about CS:

Rural Payments Agency

(Countryside Stewardship)
PO Box 324
S95 1DF

Opening times: 8:30am to 5pm, Monday to Friday (excluding public holidays)

Find out about call charges at www.gov.uk/call-charges

Guidance for all elements of CS

Mid Tier (including water capital items) and Wildlife Offers

Higher Tier

Hedgerows and boundaries capital grant

Woodland creation and woodland capital grants

Woodland management plan grant

Woodland tree heath grant


Published 7 December 2016

Last updated 20 February 2020
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  1. Link added from Mid Tier and Higher Tier sections to information about Countryside Stewardship 2020 agreement extensions.

  2. Publication of Mid Tier manual, Higher Tier and Hedgerows and Boundaries manuals.

  3. Update to information about ‘final’ payment for annual revenue claims.

  4. H&B for 2018 added

  5. Added ‘How to submit a revenue claim online’.

  6. Contact details updated to the Rural Payments Agency.

  7. Link to guidance for those finding it difficult to meet scheme requirements due to hot and dry weather conditions.

  8. Passed 10 July deadline for late revenue claims and amendments.

  9. Links to guidance on how changes to digital maps in Rural Payments service may affect agreements, and form for minor and temporary adjustment (MTA).

  10. Deadline for late revenue claims is 10 July 2018.

  11. Deadline for revenue claims extended to 15 June 2018.

  12. Added details of which office to send paper-based claims to, depending on county.

  13. Added a section on changes to the payment split for multi-year grants.

  14. Mapping updates section added.

  15. Guidance for agreement holders affected by HS2.

  16. Deadline for submitting Countryside Stewardship claims for 1 January 2017 agreements (only) extended to 15 June 2017.

  17. Added links to Mid Tier and Higher Tier manuals for 1 January 2017 agreements.

  18. Added 2016 hedgerows and boundaries grant manual.

  19. First published.

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