Any heart warming stories?

Tough times, so I thought maybe we could use some distraction. Nature and wildlife is great for that.

So how about sharing any story or thoughts you have on topic – maybe the first time you saw your favourite animal, have you managed to grow your favourite native flower, has nature helped you somehow, etc ?

Edit: I’m listing outdoor places I find that are open [here](

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  1. I’m on day 1 of working from home for one of my two jobs, and the situation has me feeling pretty low. I live in the city in terraced houses with tiny concreted yards, so not much green or wildlife. We get pigeons, seagulls and magpies but not much else. This morning, for the first time in the 18years I’ve lived here, I heard birdsong. Honest to goodness, proper songbird singing it’s little heart out, in the glorious sunshine. I couldn’t tell you which bird, but it certainly warmed my heart to hear it!

  2. As of Monday I will be working from home. We have a couple of squirrels that visit the garden and a number of wee birds. We have a pair of goldfinches that come but they’re not regular. They are so pretty and interesting to see! We had siskins once or twice and look forward to seeing them again!

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