Brown Hares..Bowland

Brown Hares..Bowland

Another month has gone by and life is still very much dominated by Coronavirus.Restrictions have been relaxed a little and we can now travel away from home territory for our daily exercise.I have recently taken advantage and of course have taken my camera to record some of Bowland’s wonderful scenery and wildlife.

For this post I have concentrated on brown hares.It is a wonderful area to observe brown hares.Whilst driving the quiet roads and lanes you frequently come across brown hares enjoying the early morning dew laden grasses for breakfast.Sometimes the hares will depart very quickly but other times they will stay put enabling some nice images from the comfort of the car.You will notice in a couple of the images brown hares “social distancing” as we should all still do !!

I have shown below a selection of some of my favourite images from my trips.On my travels I also saw lots of other wildlife including curlews,grouse,barn owls,roe deer and of course the special scenery that is Bowland.I will of course post more images from Bowland next month.So in the meantime stay well and safe and enjoy the wonderful weather which has been such a feature of May.

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