Can I feed a ‘squirrel mix’ of nuts and seeds to birds too?

Can I feed a ‘squirrel mix’ of nuts and seeds to birds too?

Hello! I’m thinking of buying some food for the lovely wildlife I see around my home but I’m not sure if they all can eat the same sort of thing. I’m scared of tossing out a few nuts and accidentally poisoning the poor animals. I was just thinking, the chia seed and nuts mix for squirrels I found online sounds like it may feed birds too. Do you think this might be the case?

This is the stuff I’m talking about. Will it be okay, please!

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  1. I dont think you’ll poison them unless the mix specifically has non edible items, in which case it shouldn’t be used for squirrels either.
    If you’re too worried just put out a mix that is specifically for birds, squirrels will go for any kind of seed/nut, that’s why people have tried to invent squirrel preventative bird feeders haha

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