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Crabbe Wood, Barham, Ipswich, Suffolk |


Crabbe Wood is an unusual shaped woodland made up of two main distinct areas. You enter the woodland from a field edge and walk past a number of large log piles. This area is although part of Crabbe Wood is leased to the previous owner whilst he removes the logs. The main areas of woodland start after approximately 80 metres and is marked by a ride-stop.

Past the ride-stop the wood widens to the north and an attractive area of mature ash and oak trees opens out in front of you. This area is level and has a good understorey.

Continue along the path and the wood narrows. After a few hundred metres the woodland widens again where you will find a large number of ancient gnarled oaks to greet you. Under one of these the previous owner sited his caravan. This has now been in position here for a considerable time and has become part of the woodland. An easy project would be to clad this in shiplap timber making it much more visually attractive. A large structure made out of wood and tarpaulin is just behind the caravan this has also been in place for a number of years.

As you move further into the woodland dense areas of laurel offer both cover and privacy, here a few more dens have been set up.

Wildlife is plentiful, if you move quietly and slowly through the wood you may come across muntjac deer who are permanent residents in the woodland along with fallow deer who are regular visitors. Other wildlife seen include foxes, badgers, owls and woodpeckers. The woodland is filled with various owl, bat and bird boxes as the previous owner was an avid conservationist.

This wood does not have any restrictive covenants thus offers any future owner an endless array of possibilities.

Crabbe Wood derived its name named after George Crabbe a local poet whom Lord Byron described as “nature’s sternest painter, yet the best.” Crabbe’s poetry was predominantly in the form of heroic couplets, and has been described as unsentimental in its depiction of provincial life and society.

Crabbe Wood is ideally situated being close to links from the A12 and A14 however feels very rural and offers a future owner a perfect countryside retreat. The local village of Claydon provides a staging post in which to replenish supplies or try the local hostelry to eat and drink..

Particulars and plans were prepared by our local manager, Matt Marples

You are welcome to visit this wood
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of our woodlands do not have mobile phone
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Do remember to also check that it is still available for sale.
If you have seen the woodland and wish to be accompanied on a second more detailed visit
please contact our local manager.

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