England Coast Path in the north west of England

England Coast Path: Southend-on-Sea to Wallasea Island

Map of the stretch

Natural England has begun to investigate how to improve coastal access along a 58 km stretch of the Essex coast between Southend-on-Sea and Wallasea Island.

Officers from Essex County Council are providing Natural England with expert local advice and helping to make sure there is full consultation with local interests during the development of the route.

Stage of progress

On 16 October 2019 Natural England submitted a collection of reports to the Secretary of State for Environment, Food and Rural Affairs setting out the proposals for improved access to the coast between Southend-on-Sea and Wallasea Island.

The period for making representations and objections about the reports closed at midnight on 11 December 2019. The reports are still available to view.

Objections are forwarded for consideration by an independent planning inspector appointed by the Secretary of State. The inspector will make recommendations to the Secretary of State in respect of each one.

Natural England may not make any further changes to the reports as a result of the representations and objections, but will make comments about them for consideration by the Secretary of State and, in the case of objections, the appointed person (an inspector from the Planning Inspectorate).

The Secretary of State will consider all the representations and objections before making a decision about Natural England’s reports. The reports in the collection may get approval at the same time. Some of them may need further consideration.

You can see the current status of the collection in the table.

Report number and titleStage 4Stage 5 (approved)
SWI 1: Barge Pier to Landwick Cottages23 April 2020
SWI 2: Landwick Cottages to Little Wakering23 April 2020
SWI 3: Little Wakering to Sutton Ford Bridge23 April 2020
SWI 4: Sutton Ford Bridge to Paglesham Eastendyet to be determined
SWI 5: Paglesham Eastend to Wallasea Island Causeway (Lion Wharf)23 April 2020
SWI 6: Wallasea Island Coast23 April 2020

Next steps

Stage 5: Open

Once the Secretary of State has approved 1 or more of the reports, Natural England will start work with Essex County Council and Southend-on-Sea Borough Council on preparing the route for public use.

The first step will be to contact owners and occupiers of the affected land to discuss the design and location of any new infrastructure which is required such as signs and gates.

When preparations are complete, new access rights will be brought into force along the route and adjoining spreading room.

Find out more about the England Coast Path

See information about all stretches in preparation around England’s coast.

The coastal access scheme gives details of the process being followed to improve access to the coast.

Contact the coastal access team

Contact Natural England with any comments, suggestions or queries you have about improving coastal access.

Coastal access delivery team (Essex)

Natural England
Area 3, Nobel House

17 Smith Square


See the map below for information about progress on improving coastal access in other parts of Essex.

  1. England Coast Path in Essex

Published 30 June 2017

Last updated 23 April 2020
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