1. I have read that Bats do roost in Ash trees, and we have lots of bats in our area. I think it’s highly likely they roost here and I can use this information to save this tree!

    How can I find evidence of this?

    I’m in the UK, which law can I use to stop them cutting it down? Who do I contact? I really don’t have long!

    Thank you for helping!!!

  2. IDK, I wish I did. Found these:





    I feel like I should. Wasn’t it in BBC Detectorists? Local bat groups?

  3. If it’s related to a planning application your can see on the local planning portal if it’s had an ecological survey to determine its suitability for bats to roost. As this report would have been submitted to the local planning authority. Depending on the number or lack of features suitable for bats it may or may not have been subjected to further survey or endoscoping. If it has no suitable features for bats there isn’t much you can do on the bat front. If it is being removed it should be replaced by a native tree but this will be detailed in either the ecology report, a landscape plan or the design of the new build. That’s a simple version of the usual process. – I work as an consultant ecologist.

    Edit – its ash right? Might be dieback related?

  4. Why is it being cut down? if its for health and safety that always overrides wildlife concerns in the UK unfortunately. I only say that because its an Ash and dieback is making the trees a bit dangerous in some places.

    It does look like it could be a good bat tree, would recommend finding a local bat group to help. If you Google your county plus bat group they may have contact details of someone local who could help you.

    Also perhaps try to contact local wildlife crime officer, not all areas have one but if this tree ends up being felled without a bat survey the contractor could be taken to court.

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