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How to apply for an export plant health phytosanitary certificate


You may need a phytosanitary certificate if you export the following goods to certain countries outside of the European Union (EU):

  • any tree, wood, bark, soil or forest tree seed
  • non-manufactured wood products in the form of packaging cases, boxes, crates, drums or pallets
  • used forestry machinery

Phytosanitary certificates are issued by the Forestry Commission’s Cross Border Plant Health Service to the equivalent National Plant Protection Organisation (NPPO) in the importing country via the GB exporter. They certify that the material has been inspected, is considered free from quarantine (and other) pests and that it conforms to the plant health regulations of the importing country.

Before you apply for export phytosanitary certification, you must first register as a professional operator.

How to apply

If you export controlled material regularly, please register using our form Get access to the Electronic Application for Phytosanitary Certification (EAPC) system and agree to our terms and conditions. You will then be given access the EPAC system and details of how to access the system.

If you do not require phytosanitary certificates on a regular basis, please use the paper export plant health phytosanitary certificate application form.

View guidance on how to complete the application for online EAPC and paper copy applications using our guide apply for export plant health certification services.

Published 24 March 2020

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