Job options for anxious December 2021 graduate?

I’m set to graduate from Purdue in December 2021 with a wildlife degree. And I am worried in going to fall flat on my face because I’m too specific or not specific enough with my ideas about jobs.

I’ve taken classes at ASU and IUPUI, so I’m hopeful I can stay for a master’s (or maybe a PhD instead?) to cut down on moving costs since I already live in an apartment. If not, I’ve been considering moving for a PhD elsewhere or a master’s if I can find a well funded program. But I am feeling very discouraged about my ability to support my partner and I in the future.

I want to balance passion with pay. I don’t want kids, but I still want to be comfortable with just the two of us and maybe a couple dogs. I want to do research, but the only specific thing I have in mind is researching how environmental enrichment can increase survival rates of reintroduced species in ex-situ conservation. I don’t even know where to begin finding a job with that.

Also, I want to move out of the US asap. Canada or an English proficient European country where I can learn the language. But where can I move to that has good job prospects? I don’t know!

I’m honestly just scared and uncertain with where to go and what to do. I wish I could just move to a hobbit house in the woods and live in peace.

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  1. You sound like you have quite a few desires but do you have any experience? Ecology is one of those fields in which there are jobs nearly everywhere but not a lot of them, and having experience even at a grunt level as well as people who can provide mentoring and references makes a huge difference. A lot of the research you talking about is typically done by universities, zoo, and conservation orgs (especially those affiliated with a wildlife park or facility of some kind).

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