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Roberts Wood, Barham, Ipswich, Suffolk |


Roberts Wood is smaller than our normal woodlands and so offers the opportunity to own a compact and easily manageable section of woodland. Despite its size it has a good variety of trees including some young oaks that the owner will see grow and mature over their lifetime into fantastic trees.

Ash, sweet chestnut and oak are the predominant species of tree within the woodland and along with a dense understory this provides the perfect habitat for muntjac deer who are frequently seen within the woodland.

A herd of fallow deer frequent the larger area of woodland of which Roberts Wood forms part. Other wildlife often seen include foxes and badgers whilst above in the canopy it is home to owls, buzzards and woodpeckers to name but a few.

For those that enjoy actively managing their woodland some areas are dense and would be ideal for a thinning over the next few years providing a good supply of firewood. Alternatively for those who prefer a more laid back approach simply sit back and relax and let nature take care of the woodland.

A bench has been made by a very pretty oak tree and is a great place to sit and enjoy the woodland. The wood is named after Robert Daundy who was a great lover of the outdoors and Ipswich’s member of parliment in 1539. Woodland is believed to have been present in this area since this time and whilst much of the woodland is young a number of larger oaks sit by the entrance.

The woodland is only five miles north from the town of Ipswich and a short distance from both the A12 and A14 however feels very rural and offers owners a perfect countryside retreat.

Particulars and plans were prepared by our local manager, Matt Marples

The purchasers of the woodland will be asked to enter into a covenant to ensure the quiet and peaceful enjoyment of adjoining woodlands and meadows.

You are welcome to visit this wood
by yourself, but please ensure that you have a copy of these sales details with you – many
of our woodlands do not have mobile phone
reception or internet access so we recommend either printing the details or downloading them
to your phone/tablet/laptop.

Do remember to also check that it is still available for sale.
If you have seen the woodland and wish to be accompanied on a second more detailed visit
please contact our local manager.

Print these sales details

Download these sales details

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