Black beach, Talisker Bay, Isle of Skye

Scottish Parliament fails to declare nature emergency | Scottish Wildlife Trust

The Scottish Parliament has fallen short of declaring a nature emergency during a vote on a parliamentary motion by Mark Ruskell MSP.

Black beach, Talisker Bay, Isle of Skye
Black beach, Talisker Bay, Isle of Skye © Mark Hamblin, 2020VISION

The Trust believes that declaring a nature emergency – with equal status of the climate emergency which the Scottish Parliement declared in 2019 – represented an opportunity to show international leadership and also encourage the urgent action needed to restore nature in Scotland.

Jo Pike, Chief Executive of the Scottish Wildlife Trust said: “It is disappointing that the Scottish Parliament has fallen short of declaring a nature emergency. This was a chance for MSPs to show international leadership by acknowledging the crisis facing nature is just as important, and deserves just as much focus, as the related crisis facing our climate.

“It remains the case that nature is in serious trouble. There is mounting evidence of the serious declines facing much of our best-loved wildlife, from elusive wildcats to more familiar species like hedgehogs. Time is running out to reverse these trends.

“While we acknowledge and welcome the commitments the Scottish Government has already made to restore Scotland’s nature, these fall short of the concerted investment that is desperately needed.

“To restore nature in a way that benefits both people and wildlife we need a transformative green recovery. We urge the Scottish Government, and all of Scotland’s political parties, to support our Nature Recovery Plan. This sets out a number of urgent priorities which would take us closer to a thriving natural environment.”

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