What our animals are doing this month… July 2020

July can be a great month to see our common toad complete
metamorphosis and become toadlets. It
usually takes around two to four weeks for tadpoles to hatch out from the egg
and roughly sixteen weeks for tadpoles to reach the stage where legs have
developed. This is often affected by the
water temperature in the pond as well as numbers of larvae present and food
availability – as tadpoles are busy eating algae in the pond
for their nutrition. Toadlets will form
legs, absorb their tails, form lungs to breathe out of the water and eventually
leave their pond to head out onto land.

You may have been lucky enough to see toadlets emerge, in huge
numbers, in previous years near ponds.
They won’t move too far from their breeding pond however as they will be
busy foraging and developing in summer and early autumn to get ready for the
overwintering period. Emergence occurs
in higher numbers after periods of rainfall at any time of day.

Keep an eye out from July onwards for emerging toadlets!
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